Find new opportunities

The Slalom Consulting Custom Development Practice works with clients to uncover business opportunities for process and system improvements. We then identify areas where technology can help make companies more efficient, employees and partners more productive, and customers more connected. We also design and build systems that are tailored to specific market differentiators that provide clients with competitive advantages in their industries, such as mobility.

For example, Slalom helped Chicago-based PWMCO to expand its capacity to meet customer needs and its existing online customer channel, as well as improve the scalability of its reporting infrastructure. The custom solution included integrating the company's portfolio management, accounting, and reporting systems with a new online channel, using advanced integration tools and techniques to ensure accurate data transfer. We also developed new processes and took advantage of the integrated system by developing a new business intelligence reporting tool. PWMCO gained a single source of correct data and new integration points with third-party financial institutions, among other capabilities.

Client-focused offerings

Slalom's Custom Development offerings include Architecture Assessments and Roadmaps, Solution Design and Development, and other unique solutions that enable our clients to make the most of their strengths.

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