Empower your people

Slalom Consulting’s Organizational Effectiveness Practice enables companies to get the most business value from their processes, technology, and each role in their organization. Our consultants are experienced business architects and change practitioners that bring the right solutions to each project—solutions that are aligned to a company’s overall strategy.

Employee-driven value

Our OE Practice drives value through each employee in an organization. As the frontline to customers, they execute the business processes and use the technology available. We explore and define this value through improvements in six key areas: business strategy, culture, interactions, careers, process/tools, and role clarity.

Slalom's OE Practice also understands how to effectively connect business value and business strategy by examining three focus areas:

  • Workforce Productivity—What are employees doing that contributes to the organization's goals?
  • Organizational Learning and Collaboration—How do employees learn, grow, and work together to be successful?  
  • Lead and Adopt Change—Do employees understand how and why their roles contribute to overall success?

Through a solid foundation of experience and expertise, we bring measurable improvements in collaboration, efficiency, and productivity to organizations of all sizes.

Meet some of the Organizational Effectiveness experts