Strategic solutions. Expertly delivered.

We work with the very best consultants and business solutions to ensure we deliver the organizational success our clients are looking for. Our people combine industry-leading expertise with business-changing insight—a powerful combination.

Slalom Consulting’s research and development group actively incubates emerging technologies, which helps us drive innovation and make the right bets on tomorrow’s solutions. As a result, we’re ahead of the curve and can deliver leading-edge offerings to our clients before the competition. 

Recognition across the board

Our unique approach to consulting and the success of our clients has led to a number of awards—a little recognition for being the best at what we do. From Microsoft "Online Partner of the Year" to numerous "Best Place to Work" awards, we're proud to earn accolades for our work and innovative thinking.


Consistent, strong growth

Slalom's growth has been entirely organic since the firm was founded in 2001. Our client list now totals more than 350 enterprise companies, including some of the largest and most innovative leaders in technology, healthcare, and retail.