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Dallas Mavericks e-cycling drive with Slalom volunteers

Recycling for the greater Good(will)

They collected 60,000 pounds of e-cycled materials in six days. We helped.

Co-hosted by the Dallas Mavericks and Goodwill Industries of Dallas, the annual e-cycling drive encourages locals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to recycle old electronics, small appliances, and unwanted clothes.

Now in its seventh year, the 2015 event was incredibly successful. With the help of Slalom volunteers, Goodwill of Dallas sifted through and recycled 60,000+ pounds of e-waste materials donated by nearly 700 community donors. Old VHS Disney movies and televisions that were built before remotes floated through volunteer’s hands, sparking smiles and nostalgia.

“It was a great chance to give back to the community and to help those in need,” says Slalom volunteer Ryan Northcutt. “You should have seen some of the items we collected—unique old relics from the early 80s like a TV encased in wood—it was a piece of furniture back then!” Slalom volunteers were able to connect with the community and help the Goodwill of Dallas achieve a record-breaking year.

“At the end of the day, it was great to see that we had filled several semi-trailers full of donated items. I can’t wait for the event next year to do it again!”
Ryan Northcutt, Slalom Client Service Lead
Dallas Mavericks e-cycling drive with Slalom volunteers

About the annual drive

Each year, the Goodwill Industries of Dallas partners with the Dallas Mavericks to provide the Dallas-Fort Worth community a chance to donate and recycle old electronics, clothes, and appliances. The event provides job opportunities, educates the community on the Goodwill mission, and aims to protect the environment.

60,860 pounds of donated material
$184,170 in publicity value
680 community donors

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