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Women’s Leadership Network

Women’s Leadership Network

Our Women's Leadership Network (WLN) embodies the values and focus we want to espouse as a company and within our organization. WLN’s mission—to engage, inspire, and encourage every Slalom woman to achieve her full and unique potential—provides the foundation for a strong focus on personal and professional growth.

The program is made up of five key focus areas:

  1. Cultivate a strong internal community to encourage knowledge sharing, relationship building, and authentic interchange
  2. Foster professional development through promoting self-awareness and learning, creating a pipeline of women leaders, and encouraging growth
  3. Drive an understanding of traditional workplace challenges and support the organizational evolution to create the best-possible environment
  4. Engage with women’s causes and charities in the community
  5. Provide a platform for external networking and to represent Slalom in local Executive Women’s Forums

Q&A with our Women's Leadership Network founder

Jila Javdani is the general manager of Delivery Excellence at Slalom Seattle. She also founded the Slalom Women’s Leadership Network and has served on the steering committee for Slalom’s diversity and inclusion initiative since its inception in 2012. In this Q&A, Jila discusses building a successful career in a male-dominated field and common mistakes that women make in the workplace.

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