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Our story

Slalom, established 2001 in Seattle, Washington

A different kind of consulting company

The year was 2001. Wikipedia launched. Apple released the iPod. The Agile Manifesto began a new era for software development. And the meeting of Brad Jackson, our CEO, and John Tobin led to something new for the consulting industry.

Slalom got its start by attracting the brightest lights in consulting to the promise of no unwanted travel. Instead of a grueling, up-or-out career, we gave people the opportunity to love both their work and their lives. We believed that what was good for our people would be great for our clients. And we were right.

Today, Slalom is a $1B company with over 5,500 employees, and we’re regularly recognized as a best place to work. Our clients include more than half the Fortune 100 and a third of the Fortune 500—along with startups, non-profits, and innovative organizations of all kinds.

Innovation at scale

As we grow, we continue to nurture deep connections in our communities. In 27 markets across the U.S., U.K., and Canada, our leaders have autonomy to move fast and do what is right for clients. Our personal approach takes the friction out of working with a consulting company.

But we’ve also come together across markets to enable innovation at scale. We’ve built thriving relationships with over 170 partners, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Tableau. We’ve leveled up our internal technology to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. And we’ve responded to the increasing pressure on our clients to stay technologically relevant by building regional delivery centers where top technologists want to be.

Slalom engineering centers are hotbeds of collaboration and cross-pollination that we cultivate with learning opportunities, hackathons, and frankly, a whole lot of fun. They attract experienced talent to the promise of solving interesting challenges with modern technology in a supportive environment. We help our clients deliver better products, faster—and we happily share our special sauce to help companies build their own in-house engineering teams.

The culture factor

It all comes together in our culture. Every one of us came to Slalom to do world-class work and be part of a uniquely flexible, human-centered organization. We live by our core values, and nothing inspires us more than partnering with our clients to create meaningful outcomes.

In short, we’re having the time of our lives. One of our clients noted that he can always spot Slalom consultants because we’re the ones smiling.

Our future, together

What’s next for Slalom? Our enduring aspiration is nothing less than to become one of the most connected and impactful companies in the world, known for helping people reach for and realize their vision. So, what’s your vision?

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