Adobe Summit 2023 hosted an estimated 10,000 attendees seeking solutions, content, and hands-on learning opportunities from Adobe and Adobe partners, like Slalom. 

We were proud to be a sponsor this year and loved connecting with customers, partners, and Adobe throughout the week.

Take a look at our top takeaways from Adobe Summit 2023.

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Adobe announcements:

We got to hear about the newest, highly buzzworthy Adobe products, many of which leverage AI in thoughtful, innovative ways.

First up was a new tool called Adobe Mix Modeler—an AI-driven tool for optimizing media spend between channels. The tool promises to measure and model spend and revenue per channel with machine learning multitouch attribution. Like many of Adobe’s new offerings, this is built on Adobe Experience Platform.

And of course, there was also the Adobe Firefly rollout! With generative AI shaking up how we all think about everything from content creation to high art, this is a thrilling development from the Adobe team. Firefly allows users to use everyday language to generate visual content. With plans to expand the tool into video and 3D modeling, we can’t wait to see what this tool can do for artists, designers, and marketers.

Adobe also announced Adobe Product Analytics. While they haven’t yet announced pricing or a release date, we know the following: 

  • It’s coming this year 
  • It will be sold as an add-on for Customer Journey Analytics, not a standalone tool  
  • It consists of a series of “guided” reports, or preconfigured reports designed specifically for use in product analytics.

We’re looking forward to learning more about the features and capabilities of this tool.

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Content Supply Chain: 

Adobe announced a solution packet they’re calling the Content Supply Chain, which natively integrates Workfront, Creative Cloud, Experience Manager, and Customer Journey Analytics. Simultaneously introducing new uses of generative AI via Adobe Firefly, and machine learning with Adobe Sensei, ensures further acceleration and an optimized content lifecycle so users can produce better and more personalized content for their customers.

New generative AI tools like Adobe Firefly will exponentially increase the velocity of content creation, making content governance even more critical. Without automated workflow tools like Adobe Workfront in place, the content review and approval process will likely become a bottleneck and increase the risk of off-brand and inaccurate content slipping through the cracks to customer-facing channels, potentially causing reputation damage. Generative AI doesn’t remove the need for human oversight, and this is where Workfront comes in.

Adobe’s approach to Generative AI: 

We loved the themes Adobe highlighted that will be both a focus and a challenge as organizations roll out their own AI tools: security, privacy, and ethics. As mentioned above, while these new technologies are incredibly exciting, they require new thinking to keep them in line with human needs and expectations. Much appreciation to Adobe for staying in front of what can be a tricky issue.

Adobe Experience Manager and Marketo product updates: 

Adobe is continuing to invest in new developer-centric features like the new Rapid Development Environment (RDE) and Content Sets.

Adobe has made thoughtful updates to Marketo as well. Dynamic chat is an impressive new function that modifies its tone and message quickly using generative AI. Integrated webinar functionality plugs into Workfront, so when the request is made by a marketer, Workfront/Marketo builds the entire webinar including text, images, and tokens automatically, saving hours upon hours of work.

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Creative Cloud integration:

Adobe has truly unified both creative cloud and DX into a single story. Previously, creatives and marketers had a large chasm to cross. Now with Workfront, Firefly, AEM Assets, and many others, there is a unified system that operates seamlessly.

Certification renewal:

Adobe will allow partners to renew their certifications for free and will be moving to non-proctored exams. This will save teams money as well as make the certification process significantly less painful.

There was so much to learn over the course of Adobe Summit, not just from the keynote and breakouts, but also from the many conversations at our booth and our Customer Love event at Flight Club. We love sharing our Adobe and Slalom story with customers and exploring ways that we can accelerate business outcomes. If you’d like to talk to Slalom about our fiercely human approach to MarTech and much more, click the “let’s talk” button to get in touch with our team.

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