Responsible AI, powered by humans

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most disruptive capability available to drive true transformation in business and in human lives.

Slalom has helped hundreds of organizations apply AI to automate processes, generate rapid insights, augment decision-making, and make sense of complex patterns—but we’re just scratching the surface. AI will soon become part of nearly everything we do.

Slalom is committed to growing together with purpose and scaling our AI capabilities responsibly. We bring two key elements of focus to our customers and communities around the world:

  • Enablement and value. Slalom teams build the AI knowledge of everyone involved, while co-creating and quantifying the value of high-impact solutions for clients.
  • Innovation for Good. A quarter of all AI Center of Purpose revenue is invested in projects that help not-for-profit organizations apply AI to solve the world’s biggest and most urgent problems, faster.

While it's a bit of a stretch to say lines of code are curing cancer, our teams are finding purpose in helping life sciences organizations realize their vision and commitment.

It's incredible to see how the right application of AI can help scientists who are making a difference in the 9M+ lives affected by cancer each year. Through open source communities, Slalom AI teams are creating a better outlet for researchers to share and learn from each other. We're finding cancer signals in images previously deemed irrelevant. And we're helping large biotech companies counter the exponentially rising costs of developing treatments by enabling scientists to see the results of their experiments in real time. 

That's just in one industry. What's your vision? How can AI and Slalom help? 

The business value of AI

The artificial intelligence that’s changing virtually every industry today is not about building sentient robots. AI that can act and learn like a human is called generalized AI, and most experts agree that it’s still firmly in the realm of science fiction.

We’re talking about specialized AI. It does a tightly defined task or set of tasks, within parameters set by humans. Subsets of AI technology include machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, image recognition, and many others.

Three outcomes AI can drive for your business

Getting from AI to ROI

Building a successful AI program begins with strategic alignment on your business goals. If you’re brand new to AI, we recommend thinking big but starting small—with one project that demonstrates impact and builds momentum. The key is to initiate projects with an eye towards getting to a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ The time for rapid experimentation without a path to production is behind us.

Slalom can help you every step of the way. We quantify the impact of your AI solutions from the start. We challenge the notion that data quality is an obstacle to get started. We leverage the computing power of the cloud for all that it has to offer. And we bring your teams along on the journey to push our co-created solutions to the next level.

Ready to drive outcomes with AI?