Anti-racism is not just about what we can do, but who we are.

At Slalom, we are committed to justice, humanity, and equality. We do not tolerate racism. Anti-racism starts with listening and learning. We must also take action to drive profound and lasting change and to create a better tomorrow without bias, fear, and injustice.

Our anti-racism commitments

Slalom United for Equality is a multi-year program created within our Inclusion and Diversity Center of Excellence to make a lasting impact in our local and global teams and communities. This initiative is guided by the seven commitments our CEO Brad Jackson introduced in his June 2020 statement of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. We will continue to share regular, high-level progress updates here.


1. We will not tolerate racism.

Anti-racism is the practice of identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures, and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism. It is not enough to say that we are not racist. Slalom is committed to doing the long-term work required to truly become an anti-racist organization.

  • Progress update: We have gathered a team of Slalomers to serve one-year terms on an Anti-racism Advisory Committee. Dr. Christine Platt, the final member of our advisory committee, was contracted in late October to serve as a subject matter expert helping to advise and guide Slalom. Platt is a passionate advocate for social justice and policy reform. She holds a bachelor's degree in Africana Studies, a master's degree in African and African American Studies, and a JD from Stetson University College of Law. We are actively refining the details of our anti-racism plan, setting our 2021 priorities and initiatives, and we are reviewing and refining our people processes and policies to be more equitable. 

2. We will continue to listen, learn, and lean into the vital conversations.

We have an opportunity to listen more, learn more, and act more to tackle racism and systemic discrimination. Change will take time and will not always be comfortable, but our collective actions will drive meaningful change. We will continue to partner with our global employee resource groups and local markets/organizations to create forums like townhalls, panel discussions, and listening circles for our team members to dialogue about anti-racism, social justice, and equity.

  • Progress update: Our internal Action Against Racism Teams site now has over 1,350 active members, and the Teams site for REACH, our Black employee resource group, has seen a fourfold increase in participation. We've seen rich discussion and authentic sharing in global events focused on learning from the Afro-Latino experience, understanding the impact of COVID on the Asian community, and other timely topics. Local dialogues are being driven by market leadership, inclusion and diversity teams, and local employee resource group chapters. We're also encouraging conversation globally across all markets and with our clients and partners through events like Slalom Presents: Realizing Racial Equality. Our Anti-racism Advisory Committee is sharing regular updates to the company on progress across our seven commitments, and we continue to share relevant insights from our team members externally on social media and on The Slowdown, our blog focused on exploring diversity and imagining a more inclusive, sustainable future.

3. We will deepen our learning and education on anti-racism and injustice to build understanding and empathy.

At the global level, we will continue to enhance our core inclusion and diversity program, while learning and sharing more about race, racism, micro-aggression, and bias. Amplified learning will continue locally through avenues like book clubs, employee resource group events, experiential workshops, and Slalom Speaks.

  • Progress update: We currently offer and are amplifying experiential workshops focused on recognizing unconscious bias, widening our circle of inclusion, exploring the ways people “cover” or hide parts of themselves at work, and inviting differences into the room. We've also dedicated two leaders to focus on guiding Slalom through a needs assessment and building an end-to-end inclusion and diversity learning journey, which will incorporate content on race, racism, and social justice.

4. We will improve transparency in sharing how we are doing on diverse representation and pay equity. We will become a more racially diverse organization.

We are committed to becoming a more racially diverse and equitable organization. To that end, we will begin to share our data more widely to hold ourselves accountable for making meaningful progress.

  • Progress update: We shared demographic data internally in August 2020 and included highlights and goals in our corporate responsibility report. We will share another update on pay equity after our new career framework and job architecture launches in 2021.

5. We will improve how we hire, grow, develop, promote, and retain our Black team members and all under-represented groups.

We are committed to eliminating bias in our interviewing, hiring, and staffing processes. Additionally, one of the key results supporting our 2020 strategy is to achieve 90% retention by continuously improving the employee experience, which includes creating growth and development opportunities for our underrepresented and minority communities.

  • Progress update: We are developing an inclusive hiring guide and training, and we are mobilizing to reduce bias in our staffing and promotion processes. We are finalizing how our commitment to diverse candidate slates will be implemented and measured. We also plan to launch a mentorship and sponsorship program.

6. We will engage our team to solution ideas for how we create a better tomorrow.

We are committed to using the power of Slalom, the Slalom Foundation, our global employee resource groups, our talents, and our people to effectuate change. We will engage with local civic leaders, clients, and partners to apply our capabilities and technology to help tackle racism and systemic discrimination. Together, we can build a world filled with equality and humanity for all.

  • Progress update: On June 19, 2020, Slalom launched a Juneteenth employee donation matching program that ended on July 6 and raised over $410,000 for more than 100 organizations that support the Black community, including Equal Justice Initiative, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Black Lives Matter, InTech Camp for Girls, and the United Negro College Fund. We also pledged $1,000,000 from Slalom and the Slalom Foundation to support opportunities to apply our time, talent, and resources to fight racism and social injustice—and help eliminate healthcare, economic, and educational disparities in the Black community. We are working with the Anti-racism Advisory Committee, employee resource groups, and senior leadership to thoughtfully identify partnerships that make a meaningful impact in our communities. In addition, we added an Action Against Racism track to our Hack for Social Good hackathon, which culminated in October 2020. The winning team worked with a nationally recognized gang intervention, violence prevention, and youth development organization in Chicago to create an easy-to-use app that logs interactions and tracks data—freeing the organization's experts to spend more time helping at-risk youth become positive leaders in their communities. Teams across Slalom continue to engage on numerous relevant projects with local civic leaders, law enforcement agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

7. We will formalize an anti-racism advisory panel and hire a Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer.

To guide our ongoing committed actions, we will formalize an Anti-racism Advisory Committee. We are also committed to hiring a Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer (CIDO) who will inject subject matter expertise and steer Slalom’s journey to driving systemic changes.

  • Progress update: As previously mentioned, we have formalized our Anti-racism Advisory Committee. Our first CIDO, Iesha Berry, joined Slalom in November.

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