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We’re proud to be named Amazon Web Services (AWS) first National System Integrator (NSI) Partner of the Year for the US. Connect with Slalom and the cloud community at ten different AWS Summits to exchange knowledge and insights. Stop by one of our booths, join us at our local happy hours, and return to this page for ongoing recaps for current or past events.


People at a conference clapping People at a conference clapping

San Francisco

AWS Summit San Francisco sent us to the Moscone Center, San Francisco’s largest convention and exhibition complex, to connect with friends, colleagues, customers, and partners. When we weren’t rubbing (or bumping!) elbows at our booth, we were going to breakout sessions, attending Swami Sivasubramanian’s keynote about building a modern data strategy, or co-hosting happy hour with Snowflake and Tableau at Southside Spirit House, where more than 100 people came for data, dialogue, and drinks. 

In case you missed the keynote, here are a couple quotes and key takeaways from speaker Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning Services at AWS: 

  • There are three parts to building a modern data strategy: modernization, unification, and then innovation. 

  • Each part has multiple dimensions. For example, Sivasubramanian explains that “unifying data is not just about storing this data; it’s also about unifying access to it.” 

The event’s notable AWS service and product announcements include: 

  • Multiple announcements for AWS Glue, including general availability of Interactive Sessions and Autoscaling, as well as the announcement of AWS Glue Sensitive Data Detection—addressing a challenge Sivasubramanian explained in his keynote: “Finding sensitive data in data lakes is like finding a needle in an ever-growing haystack.” 

  • General availability of Amazon SageMaker Serverless Inference, announced during the keynote with a live demo from Antje Barth, a Principal Developer Advocate at AWS. Barth used sample vaccination cards and loan applications to show how a fully managed machine learning (ML) inference option can make it easier to work with applications with intermittent traffic patterns, like those that process forms or analyze data from documents.

Golden Gate Bridge


The AWS Summit in London took us to ExCel London, in the Royal Docks of Newham, to connect with friends, colleagues, customers, and partners. On the show floor, the energy was palpable! When we weren’t at our booth, we were joining breakout sessions, attending the keynote, and co-hosting Summit Fiesta, a happy hour with Snowflake and Tableau at Novotel ExCel where attendees enjoyed live music, a few magic tricks, and connected with members in the cloud community.  

Some highlights from the AWS Summit London keynote: 

  • Darren Hardman, VPof AWS UK & Ireland, kicked off the keynote sharing how AWS has helped companies become agile and grow.  

  • Bob Gregory, Engineering Coach at Cazoo, then took stage and shared how Cazoo is building its entire IT infrastructure on AWS it looks to expand. He shared that AWS has allowed the company to scale while delivering personalised and relevant services to its customers.  

  • Next up, Dr. Matt Wood, VP of Analytics and Business Intelligence at AWS, came on stage and shared how last year AWS released over 3,000 major services and features and are on course to exceed that this year. He also shared more about the company’s silicon offerings and AWS Graviton Processors. Organisations using these chips along with AWS’s cloud computing product, Amazon EC2, used up to 60% less energy.  

Other event highlights from AWS Summit London:  

  • The event was in full swing with over 100+ sessions focused on AI/ML, analytics, digital transformation, and more.  

  • AWS DeepRacer gave attendees a fun way to learn and get started with reinforcement learning (RL). Attendees were able to race for prizes and the chance to compete in the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup.  

We were excited to be back in person with everyone! If you missed the AWS Summit London in person this year, you can register for the AWS Summit EMEA Online (29 June, 2022).  

Big Ben in London


Slalom was all smiles at AWS Summit Atlanta, which took place at the Georgia World Congress Center. We enjoyed making lots of meaningful connections at our booth, snagged seats to a great session presented by a Slalomer, and left inspired by the conversations we had at our happy hour event co-hosted with Tableau and Snowflake. But first: the sessions. In addition to the keynote from Miriam McLemore, AWS Director of Enterprise Strategy and Evangelism, a highlight for us was meeting up with fellow ML fans at the Dev Lounge on Day One. While there, we watched Slalom Senior Principal Kesha Williams share her journey from Java developer to ML practitioner. Williams described how AWS helped her forge a practical path forward with ML, explaining, “I would never have started my machine learning journey if it wasn’t for AWS and the cloud.” She called out the following hands-on services that helped her get started: 

What is Williams’ advice for people interested in getting into ML? “Pick a cool use case, build it, and learn as you go.”

Some of us also attended a fireside chat facilitated by AWS Enterprise Innovation and Transformation Strategist Brigitte Sollie. Featuring Travelport, a worldwide retail platform, the discussion focused on the importance of the people side of the cloud and the transformation that moving to the cloud brings about. If you’re new to the cloud, Slalom’s WD Land has three lessons that you can take from Travelport: “Invest in your teams, upskill their talents, and make them a centerpiece of your transformation.”  Hear, hear! 

Now, for the happy hour. Together with Snowflake and Tableau, we welcomed colleagues, customers, and partners to Ventanas to meet like-minded members of the cloud community. Spotted: Slalomers still rocking their “Learn the cloud. Love the cloud.” t-shirts—loved to see it!

Skyline of Atlanta

Australia & New Zealand 

The AWS Summit Australia and New Zealand had no shortage of insights, with two unique keynotes and 90+ sessions all available online, including a session we co-presented with our customer, Beem. We’re proud to be working with Beem as it changes Australia’s payments ecosystem, creating experiences that allow customers to do things like: 

  • Earn cash back on transactions at the point of sale. 

  • Split payments between funds or friends. 

  • Offset the carbon from a transaction in the moment. 

In the words of CEO Mark Britt: “That’s the power of when you put the payment model in the cloud.” Watch a summary of his discussion with Slalom Build’s Harshu Deshpande here, and read more about our work with Beem here

That session was on Day Two. On Day One, AWS’ Rianne van Veldhuizen and Rahul Pathak co-presented a keynote with guest appearances from several AWS customers. Among them were Vector and Kmart Australia, whose general manager of customer technology explained how moving to AWS helped Kmart harness the power of its data—which you can learn more about on Information Age. After Day One’s sessions, we kept the fun going at Café del Mar in Sydney, where Slalom welcomed friends, customers, and partners to a happy hour co-hosted with New Relic complete with a photo booth and tasty cookies decorated with cloud-inspired hashtags like “#observability.”  

Day Two’s keynote was presented by Simon Elisha, Chief Technologist for Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania at AWS. Elisha reviewed some of the greatest challenges facing our community and outlined how AWS customers are charting a new path, especially in the area of sustainability. For example, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is transforming the way people monitor reefs using AWS services such as Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon RDS

Skyline of Australia

Public Sector Summit – D.C.

We loved spending AWS Summit Washington, D.C. with longtime colleagues and new friends in the AWS global public sector community. Onstage and on the expo floor at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, we learned and talked about how public sector organizations are using the cloud improve their stakeholders’ lives and deliver on their mission. During the keynote, for example, worldwide public sector VP Max Peterson welcomed Pritha Mehra to the stage, the CIO of the United States Postal Service (USPS). Mehra explained how USPS used a variety of AWS native services to stand up a secure website for ordering free COVID test kits—in three short weeks. 

“At peak, we accepted 10 million orders an hour and 54 million in the first two days,” Mehra said. Read more about how Mehra’s team pulled it off on MeriTalk and brush up on the topics discussed by Max Peterson in his keynote by watching his appearance on Bloomberg, where he called in live from the Summit. 

Due to the global audience for this Summit, the show floor was ripe for reunions with colleagues and friends from places near and far. Loc Ta, Principal Sales at AWS, crossed paths with one of Slalom’s own public sector leaders, Randy Tan. Said Ta in his LinkedIn post documenting the meetup, “I miss having this guy on the West Coast.” The only consolation is that distance makes these reunions so much sweeter! The good times continued into the evening on Day One at our happy hour event co-hosted with Tableau, which took place at Yardbird Table and Bar. 

One final highlight of AWS Summit Washington, D.C. was the Port of Long Beach’s announcement of a new AWS-operated Supply Chain Information Highway. To combat cargo delays at the nation’s second-busiest port and help make the port supply chain more efficient, the Highway will securely aggregate, curate, and publish cargo information across industries in real time, and will be free to access for registered users. Learn more about the announcement from the Los Angeles Daily News and the American Journal of Transportation

Washington DC

[Virtual] Japan

AWS Summit Japanでは、豪華なゲストを招いた基調講演と150以上のセッションや企画が全てオンラインで公開されました。5月25日、26日の2日間の総来場者数は38,009人となり、うち約170人がSlalomのページを訪れ、各種コンテンツを視聴しました。 

Slalomのランディングページでは、主にAWS ProServe 及び Slalom が共同でビジネストランスフォーメーションを支援する ”Launch Center”についてご紹介しています。Launch Centerの概要とオファリングモデル、またお客様事例を載せています。また、パートナーセッションとしてもSlalomが登壇しており、トレンドマイクロ、CTCと共にテックカンパニー自身のコア事業立ち上げに向けどのようなスピード感や規模感で変革を推進したかをご紹介しています。こちらのセッションについては、配信当日だけで100名以上の来場者にご視聴頂きました。 

基調講演では、代表取締役員社長の長崎さんが登壇し、デジタル大臣の牧島かれんさん、三井住友トラスト・ホールディングス株式会社代表取締役社長 大山一也さん、株式会社ティアフォー創業者の加藤真平さんをゲストとして迎え、彼らのクラウドへの取り組みを紹介しました。 
長崎さんからは、AWSのアプローチの一つ「Working Backwards」の紹介があり、お客様は誰か?お客様の体験はどのように変わるか?といった顧客から逆算して進めていくと話されていました。これは単純にクラウド移行したり、システムの開発をしたりするのではなく、何のために誰のためにと一歩下がった視点からビジネス全体を見つめ直す、Slalomと非常に通じる部分があると感じました。 




More than 100 sessions took place at AWS Summit Toronto, where we connected with colleagues, friends, customers, and partners at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre over the course of two days. Sessions covered a range of topics, from business intelligence, to compute and Amazon EC2, to modern applications that leverage containers and serverless.  

  • The keynote was presented on Day One by AWS Director of Enterprise Strategy and Evangelism Miriam McLemore. McLemore talked about exciting innovations that help make AWS a great place for businesses to run their applications—and a great place for people to make better, faster decisions with their data. See pictures of the keynote in McLemore’s LinkedIn post.  

  • One of the keynote’s guest speakers was Dinah Davis, VP of R&D operations at Arctic Wolf. Arctic Wolf’s mission is to end cyber risk. Using over 50 AWS services, the company has built a single platform to orchestrate security operations at scale. Watch the official recording of Davis’ presentation on YouTube.  

  • Another of the keynote’s guest speakers was Anu Dodda, CTO and head of engineering at Thomson Reuters. Dodda looked back on the company’s journey to the cloud that started in 2018 and explained how Thomson Reuters uses AWS to “add capacity on demand.” Watch the official recording of Dodda’s presentation on YouTube.  

After a full first day spent attending sessions and exploring the expo floor, it was time for happy hour. Together with Snowflake and Tableau, we welcomed partners, customers, and colleagues to Dangerous Lagoon, an underwater gallery at Ripley’s Aquarium. Surrounded by 2.9 million litres of water home to sharks, sawfish, eels, and other stunning species, we explored our surroundings and talked data and migration—in between shark selfies and helpings of delicious food and drinks.

Toronto Skyline

New York

Three key themes of AWS Summit New York were: climate, customers, and continuous innovation. These topics heated up across over 25 workshops and chalk talks, 45+ breakout sessions and lightning talks, 10+ innovative case studies, and a keynote presented by Martin Beeby, Principal Developer Advocate at AWS—not to mention our conversations with colleagues, friends, customers, and partners.   

  • Martin Beeby kicked off the keynote with updates on Amazon’s commitment to sustainability, sharing that the company is five years ahead of schedule in its plan to power operations with 100% renewable energy by 2030. Amazon is the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world, totaling 16 gigawatts of energy in a portfolio that comes from 200 solar and wind projects across 19 countries. A 451 Research report commissioned by AWS showed that AWS infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the average US enterprise data center. 

  • Beeby shared that many cloud customers choose AWS because of the pace of innovation. An example of this is how AWS has reinvented the way virtualization works with the AWS Nitro System. The platform offloads virtualization work to dedicated hardware, allowing for improved performance, enhanced security, and “revolutionary innovation.”  

  • One of the keynote’s guest speakers was Liz Fong-Jones, a Principal Developer at Honeycomb. Honeycomb helps software engineers debug systems with the power of big data. The company was able to scale economically (and support 10x growth in the past three years) by building on and with the right AWS technologies including AWS EC2 Spot, AWS Lambda, and AWS Graviton.  

  • Another keynote guest speaker was Elliott Cordo, the Head of Data at Capsule. Capsule is a New York startup that delivers same-day prescriptions free of charge, manages refills, and provides access to pharmacists seven days a week, and it’s powered by AWS technologies. When COVID-19 supercharged digital healthcare, Capsule saw hyper-growth in NYC and began expanding into new markets, totaling more than two dozen markets to date, reaching over 100 million customers. Cordo shared, “We've been enabled by AWS to elastically scale for this expansion, to be right and fast in introducing new product features, and to support the microservice decomposition of our platform." 

Rounding out our day at AWS Summit New York, we heard from some of our own—our own employees and our customers! In an interview with theCUBE, Slalom Element Lab CTO Chris Thomas and Broadridge Chief Digital Officer Rob Krugman discussed digital assets in the Web3 world. Thomas and Krugman talked with theCUBE’s John Furrier about how Broadridge is building a digital wallet solution architecture of Web3 capabilities on top of the Web2 basics in the cloud. They explained how this can bring more control to consumers who want a better grasp of the location(s) of all their digital assets.  

After a busy day of networking, attending sessions, and exploring the Expo, it was time for happy hour. Customers, partners, and colleagues came together for drinks, all things data, and a little magic at Death Ave. A live magician wowed a crowd of guests with a variety of different tricks while others enjoyed conversations about data and migration with fellow cloud community members. 

New York Skyline
AWS sign


Continuous innovation was a key theme from the AWS Summit Anaheim.  With over 35+ sessions, a keynote delivered by Deepak Singh (Vice President, AWS), workshops, and chalk talks, how to innovate in the cloud with AWS to enhance customer experiences was a key theme throughout the event. When we weren’t attending sessions or the keynote, we were busy exploring the expo and catching up with friends, customers, colleagues, and partners.  

OC’s General Manager, Pritha Sridharan, participated on the distinguished customer and partner panel at the inaugural AWS Women’s Executive Lunch to discuss the criticality of board diversity. The interest and engagement generated for this event signaled how important it is for our Women of the West community to connect. We're already looking forward to the next one. 

After a busy day at the AWS Summit, it was time for happy hour with our customers and friends from Tableau and Snowflake. Our customers enjoyed drinks and conversations about data and migration while taking in views of Disneyland and enjoying the firework show!

Anaheim Convention Center


Last but not least, we rounded out our AWS Summits tour in Chicago at McCormick Place. It was our last spot of the season before we gear up for AWS re:Invent at the end of November. With over 60+ sessions, a keynote, workshops, and chalk talks, there was no shortage of insights. During Francessca Vasquez’s (Vice Present of Technology at AWS) keynote, she discussed how innovations in cloud infrastructure are allowing customers to transform their businesses and create new opportunities.  When we weren’t attending sessions or the keynote, we were busy exploring the Expo and catching up with friends, customers, colleagues, and partners.  

After a busy day at the AWS Summit, it was time for happy hour with our customers and friends from Tableau and Snowflake at The Vu Rooftop. Our customers enjoyed drinks and conversations about data and migration. It was a great end to our AWS Summits tour and we’re already looking forward to next year! 

Chicago Cityscape