At Slalom, we believe data is power.

We believe data propels modern organizations, giving them a winning edge, again and again.

We believe solutions for tomorrow begin with data. And that data helps make sense of the world around us, so we can thrive today and anticipate opportunities for tomorrow.

We believe data accelerates progress, helping us work faster and more effectively, and inspiring bold creativity and innovation.

Every day, we partner with organizations to use data to expand their impact and change the world. Together, we can build a better future with data.

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Our expertise & partnerships

With deep data expertise and partnerships with over 400 of the world’s leading technology solution providers, we’re ready to help you become an insights-driven organization and reach your biggest business goals.  

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What we do

slalom build

Better data for better health

Cecelia Health and Slalom Build partnered to create a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly analytics platform that sets the stage for more sophisticated population health analysis. And ultimately a smoother path forward for people with diabetes.

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From creating a modern culture of data to unlocking your team’s potential with AI, we'll help you leverage the power of data to stand out and succeed now and in the future.


Create a modern culture of data


A modern culture of data is one of experimentation and innovation, where people have the power to accelerate business outcomes with rapid insights. We offer a range of offerings from strategy workshops to deep-dive assessments, capability definition, and co-creation.

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Unlock your potential with AI


AI has never been more accessible or powerful. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations use AI to automate repetitive processes, amplify efficiencies, generate rapid insights, and make sense of complex patterns. Every organization can benefit from using AI right now.

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