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You, our clients and heroes in the life sciences industry, work hard every day to make life better for all of us. You're developing gene editing technology to prevent diseases from ever occurring, treatments that train our immune systems to fight cancer, new vaccines to address the current pandemic—and so much more.

We hope the stories below will inspire you to new heights of innovation, but first we have to thank you for everything you're already doing

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A message of gratitude

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Solving problems, faster

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Slalom Innovation for Good helps not-for-profit organizations unlock their potential with cutting-edge technology and analytics. It all started when we helped the American Cancer Society apply machine learning to uncover new patterns in breast cancer tissue images. Now we're helping researchers at the University of California, San Francisco accelerate melanoma research with AI analysis—and partnering with an Ivy League medical center to uncover hidden clues in noncancerous mammogram images.

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Speeding clinical trials

We helped a top-five global biotech company develop a best-in-industry tool to collect and derive value from large quantities of clinical trial operations data. Real-time data visualizations and user-defined tables make it easy to see a trial’s performance from multiple perspectives, which helps to shorten the clinical development lifecycle.
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Enabling a human data science lab as a service

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Our global client wanted to offer its customers a human data science lab as a service in the cloud. The vision was to enable customers to design, build, and test advanced predictive models; deliver data faster in a consistent, controlled and cost-effective way; and create a new usage-based revenue stream. We partnered on the assessment, strategy, and plan—ultimately delivering a proof of concept that leveraged machine learning in the AWS cloud to exceed previous on-premise environments in both performance and features.

Testing and diagnosing to save lives

We're partnering with a leading provider of COVID diagnostic tests to help the company handle the unprecedented demand and prioritize distribution. Leveraging Tableau dashboards in Salesforce, enabled by Slalom’s Salesforce Tableau ClickEmbed solution, company executives can identify trends in the spread of the virus and make sure tests go to the countries, cities and people who need them most. 
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Ensuring readiness for a commercial launch

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As a global biopharmaceutical company neared final approval of a new therapy for a rare genetic disease, internal resources were spread thin. Slalom drew on previous product launch experience to quickly build a launch plan, in partnership with cross-functional teams—and then execute, monitor, report on, and refine all launch program activities.

Data-driven efficiency with an integrated mobile app

Slalom designed, architected, and helped build a modern mobile application for the global field team of a leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease. The Microsoft Surface application, integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud, makes it easy for field representatives to engage with clinicians and hospital administrators to track patient outcomes and minimize heart valve inventory challenges. 
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Accelerating with Agile

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When a $20B biopharmaceutical leader identified the need to accelerate its development and usage of new technology as a core discipline, we partnered on a holistic transformation. Over the course of two years, a cross-functional Slalom team helped drive structural changes at the company level, as well as team level transformation through Agile coaching. This work has enabled the avoidance of rework on projects equal to up to 20% of their budgets, faster value delivery to end users, more productive relationships between IT and the business, and greater customer centricity.

IT transformation for hyper-growth

With a series of breakthrough drug launches, our client experienced explosive growth. Unable to keep pace with the IT demand, the company entrusted Slalom to manage its entire IT portfolio of 350+ projects worth over $250M a year. Within a few months, critical projects were back on track. We went on to establish project management excellence and reporting rigor across the IT function.
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