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Be the next big thing

Reach for your cloud goals with Slalom.

Growth. Resilience. Security.

The future lives in the cloud—where modern products and organizations are born. It’s the space where we design, blueprint, and build what’s next. Where we leap and learn. Only in the cloud can you innovate fast enough to be a disrupter, never disrupted.

Maybe you want to get out of your data center. Or lead the evolution of smart cities. Or send a rocket to Mars. We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their cloud goals. Ready to get started? So are we.


What are your cloud goals?

Build something new

Migrate seamlessly

Integrate and automate

Meet our cloud partners

We’re tight with all three major cloud providers. Each one has its own strengths and capabilities. Many overlap. Some don’t. Together, we’ll choose a provider—or providers—based on your business goals.

Roadmap to the Cloud icon

Roadmap to the cloud

It’s time to get real about the cloud.

Demand solutions that focus on your actual business goals, not one-size-fits-all technology. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, join us for a lively, honest conversation.

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“Slalom brought key advantages to the table—the ability to partner in a flexible and unique way, raw technical talent, and a development methodology that provided clarity up front and drove success.”
– Ashutosh Tiwary
Vice president and general manager of cloud, Teradata

How one company leveled up.

We partnered with Teradata, a global leader in advanced business analytics, to develop powerful managed cloud services on AWS and Azure. The result? Happy customers and booming business.

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Ready to rock, but don’t know where to start?

You need a map. Roadmap to the Cloud is our proprietary methodology that’s all about getting to the cloud, without all the chaos. We work with you in three simple stages and deliver you a clear, tactical roadmap. No surprises. Except the good kind.


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What’s on your mind? Let’s explore the possibilities.