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The Consulting Foundations Experience is for anyone who's new to consulting, whether you're early in your career or transitioning from another field. This program welcomes you as an associate consultant at Slalom, formerly known as an analyst. 

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Unicorn kitty doctor or consultant?

Consulting Foundations is a unique experience designed to support your understanding of our business, the way we approach consulting, and the important role you’ll play in helping clients reach for and realize their vision. If you’re interested in growing your technical expertise, we also offer several academies where you can build technical consulting skills quickly in a blended learning environment.

Data and analytics consultant, March 2019 cohort

Jessica Tran

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"I’ve grown more in the past five months than in the past three years. People at Slalom don’t have a corporate mask on. Everyone supports each other and builds each other up. My associate consultant group was welcomed with open arms in our local market, and then we all flew to bootcamp and spent a week learning all about a project life cycle with people from all over the world. After that, the Data and Analytics Academy was a smaller group working together, and we got really close. Now, I’m on projects learning so much, and I feel like I have a huge support group."

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Clarity and community

The journey begins with an orientation in your local market, followed by Global Consulting Foundations, where new associate consultants from all across Slalom come together to learn, practice, and develop foundational consulting skills. Then you'll continue to grow your skills through a blend of on-the-job training, small group coaching, and independent learning designed to set the stage for a long and fulfilling career.

Connect and learn foundational skills

Gain experience and learn with context

Management consultant, August 2016 cohort

Nehali Davé

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"The Consulting Foundations program is a phenomenal way to enter the business and technology industries and build a network. It was a really good career move for me because it allowed me to test and prove my skills and be a constant learner and continually improve, but within a safe environment. I was struck by how much support there was in the bootcamp, and I was really impressed with my cohort." 

Learn more about Nehali's path to success.

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Technical Academies

Academies are learning programs focused on developing technical expertise aligned to technology trends. These technical training programs offer a blend of in-person and virtual guided learning.

Data and Analytics Academy
In this learning program, you'll build background knowledge and accelerate skills aligned to different data and analytics tracks and solutions. The program offers in-person training focused on data and analytics strategy; visual analytics; modern data architecture and data integration; and advanced analytics. Following the academy, you have access to a series of virtual trainings, such as machine learning and cloud data.

Salesforce Academy
Designed for associate consultants, consultants, and developers, this learning program progresses from basic functional skills to technical platform development. Graduates of the full Salesforce Academy program will be able to immediately deliver on Salesforce engagements with oversight and guidance. The program is a blend of virtual, facilitator-led, and self-paced learning to achieve the following objectives:

  • Foundational: Gain a strong foundation on how businesses use CRM systems. 

  • Configuration: Enhance your skills with knowledge of how to quickly build applications in Salesforce with clicks not code.

  • (Optional) Development: Begin your developer journey by transitioning to the technical side and customizing Salesforce even further with Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Component.

Cloud Academy
This immersive learning experience accelerates technical and cloud consulting skills for newly hired associate consultants and consultants. The content primarily covers Amazon Web Services, with a brief overview of Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. It is designed to support the development of beginner to intermediate-level skills with access to additional support through coaching and online collaboration. 

Consultant, August 2018 cohort

Keegan Kelly

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"My experience has really been defined by the relationships we get to build at a local level. I came to Slalom because I thought its staffing model was a true enabler and facilitator of its core values. It wasn't all just talk. People here are encouraged to pursue their interests, at every single level. It's invigorating to have that culture of perpetual learning, so many people passionate about what they're doing. Come with an open mind. Come eager to learn. You're going to be exposed to so much."

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Hands-on learning, real-world impact

Associate consultants at Slalom work on all kinds of projects, honing their skills by working closely with experienced consultants and clients. Here are a few examples of projects people worked on during their first years.
"I helped the finance director of a large beverage company figure out how to resolve all the discrepancies between his four different data systems. I was able to make a big impact in just two and a half months."
"My first project as an associate consultant was the perfect blend of exciting and challenging—different from what a lot of my peers are experiencing in their first jobs."
"I worked on a big project with a global media company, where we moved them from their old CRM system to Salesforce, cleaned up all their data, and implemented that all over the world."

Ready to make your next career move?

We hire for associate consultants three times a year in most of our markets. If you don't see anything posted, please check back at a later time.