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Meet Mike Cowden, President, Slalom Build


What attracted you to Slalom?

The people of Slalom are without compare the best in the industry and they deliver amazing results for customers every day. In addition, Slalom provided me with the opportunity to create something unique in the Build Centers–a chance to provide the same exciting career I enjoyed when I started in consulting working on innovative software projects in a team-based environment. The large consultancies include offshore as a component of nearly every solution. Slalom is able to provide an alternative model that delivers remote development regionally for our client’s most strategic initiatives.


Partner with Accenture for 19 years.


Business consulting, system integration, cloud strategy, strategic sourcing, global development

What is your specific area of cloud expertise?

I help develop an overall cloud strategy to solve complex business problems using strategic alliances, Slalom’s national delivery capability, and 20 years of business consulting experience.


University of Washington 1991, Willamette University–MBA, 1993


Running marathons, skiing with my kids, coaching soccer and softball

Cities lived in:

Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Chatham (New Jersey), Manila (Philippines), Denver, Vancouver (Canada), and Boise.