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Meet the team at Slalom Tokyo!

We sat down for an authentic and open discussion with a few team members at Slalom Tokyo.

In their own words, the team offers perspectives on topics like leading the way with Agile, what makes Slalom such an exceptional place to work, and why our company culture stands out in Japan.

The Slalom Tokyo team

From left to right: Chad Miller, Maiko Aratake, Ryuta Hosaka, Youngdong Kwon, and Zach Takano

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Slalom’s culture crosses borders. It’s not only a US or Western thing. Slalom’s values ring true to the clients and people we’re seeking in Japan. Our open and inclusive culture will be a model for others to aspire to.

“Generally, corporate culture in Japan tends to err on the conservative side of the spectrum—even for international companies. Our core values will be a beacon, challenging norms about partnership, collaboration, and people.”

Zach Takano  
Talent Acquisition Analyst

One of the many things I share with candidates is our approach to ‘personal connection at global scale.’ I love that we tailor our craft to the needs of local markets but have the backing of an experienced global organization to leverage for expertise and support.

Tokyo Tower at sunset Tokyo Tower at sunset

“Agile is still new in Japan, especially in the enterprise space. Adoption is somewhere around 15–20% as opposed to more than 70% in the US. The majority of enterprises are using cloud, but with a traditional waterfall method they aren’t able to maximize the value of cloud and modern technology. Slalom’s proven approaches like PEM will make huge impact.”

Ryuta Hosaka
Director, Practices

Every industry exists in Tokyo. Here, we have everything from pharmaceuticals to trading companies to manufacturing to shipping to security software. And Slalom’s happy to work with everybody!

“I like our core value ‘build and shape a better future.’ Slalom is creating and respecting everyone’s future. And everyone’s future starts when they wake up every morning!”

Youngdong Kwon
Senior Consultant, D&A

​​​​​​​When people talk about diversity in Japan, it’s often about gender ratios in an organization—and that’s just a part of diversity! So far, our team members come from seven countries. We want to demonstrate what diversity and inclusion mean through building our team in Tokyo.

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“My favorite Slalom value is ‘celebrate authenticity.’ Slalom lets me bring my whole self to work. I don’t have to differentiate between being my work self, my parenting self or my personal self. Slalom accepts me for who I am and celebrates my uniqueness. Slalom also allows me to show empathy and courage, while providing an environment for me to be deeply and uniquely human.”

Maiko Aratake
Talent Acquisition Senior Manager

My advice for Slalom colleagues when they visit our Tokyo office? Remember that shaking hands is uncommon! Everybody in Japan bows when they say hello, or thank you, or apologize in any situation, from business meetings to daily conversations.

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