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Q&A with John Hill: General Manager, Dallas

John Hill shares his goals for Slalom’s Dallas office and how he plans to reach them.

My “why”

I believe in providing passionate consultants a place to do what they love while still making it possible for them to achieve their personal goals and commitments to family, friends, and their communities. I didn’t know that was possible until I came to Slalom.

My vision for Slalom Dallas

Dallas is one of the most dynamic, diverse, economically-viable, and business-centric cities in the world. We have a tremendous amount of opportunity ahead of us.

We also live in a very proud place (that I’m proud to call home)—Texas. Many of our clients want to be able to internally deliver all necessary solutions for their businesses, but we know the challenges they face in trying to do so, and know that with their great talent combined with ours, we can be most successful together.

We’ll continue to put our people first and consider them in every decision we make.

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For Dallas, we’re focusing on these five key themes to move us forward:

  • Client innovation—Our clients are busy, and many don’t have the leadership or enough time in their day to really focus on innovation. We want to get close enough to our clients that we know their businesses as well as they do, then leverage our deep skills, creative teams, and the Slalom network to lead them on an innovation journey.

  • Thought leadership—We’re always looking for more ways to bring value to our clients. They love when we bring fresh thinking, relevant experiences, and cross-industry insights that they can apply to their businesses. We want to show them what’s possible and the paths we’ve seen work to get there. I’ve yet to see a client turn down the opportunity to learn something relevant to them that could help them accomplish their objectives. And this isn’t just focused on their product or service in the market, but also how they can create an environment that attracts and retains top talent.

  • Strategy—We see endless opportunities to help our clients strategize in a wide range of industries. We help them answer questions like: What is the impact of the socio-political landscape this year? How do I create a better experience for my customers? How can I accelerate the benefits realization of the merger I just went through? We’ll be focusing on strategy work as “tip of the spear” efforts to get in and establish trust with our clients by helping them reach their goals.

  • Technology adoption—Technology continues to advance rapidly, and in many cases, if it’s not designed and implemented well, it gets left behind because there’s no one able to use it or interested in using it anymore. We have a tremendous capability to both roll-out and obtain adoption. For every new capability we implement, another new business opportunity gets created. The more we build and drive adoption of great solutions, the more clients realize the return on their investments, and the cycle continues.

  • Industry expertise—To bring innovation and thought leadership, we need to really understand our clients’ businesses and the markets they operate within. Since DFW is so diverse, it has both the challenge of selecting which industry to invest in next and the opportunity to invest in a lot! We started a healthcare focus in 2016, and are now ramping up financial services, with retail and high tech in considerations after that. There are many, many opportunities, and it’s an exciting time here in Dallas.

Along with our focuses above, I want to build a growing, sustainable Dallas market where 200+ people can join the Slalom family and help their clients succeed while enjoying both their work and lives.

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What won’t change

Slalom wouldn’t exist without our passionate people. We’ll continue to put our people first and consider them in every decision we make. I believe this mentality makes happy, passionate employees who bring great work to their clients every day.