Slalom Speaks is an annual evening of talks that inspire, foster learning, and promote conversations that matter.

speaker on stage

Everyone has a story to tell

speaker on stage

Slalom Speaks is a way for Slalom employees to inspire and connect with others by sharing their stories. It’s an event where people can show up and be exactly who they are—and talk about what really matters to them. From funny and lighthearted to powerful and transformational, every story is as unique as every speaker.

This has been my favorite event that I've been a part of since joining Slalom almost six years ago. The speeches absolutely blew me away. They were all so heartfelt and inspiring. I'm grateful to have been a part of this incredible night.

Nearly 100 people have shared their stories on stage

since Slalom Speaks began in Seattle in 2015. Speakers can invite friends, family, and clients to join the evening of inspiring storytelling and connection over our human experiences.

Left: Managing director Cindy Tran, Right: Solution architect Tony Totilo

It was one of the most unique and impactful experiences of my life and I didn’t want it to end!

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