To celebrate our fourth year of recognition as a Best Workplace for Women, we gathered perspectives from female team members across Slalom.

There are thousands of amazing women at Slalom, and we shared many more great quotes on social media. We hope this sampling of insights on work, life, leadership, and transformation gives you a taste of the authentic sharing that make Slalom such an exceptional place to work, with so much to offer to our clients.

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Look at the great leaders you admire and notice how often they are asking for help or sharing areas where they are not so experienced.

While discrimination and inequality are largely still issues, I remain optimistic as I see the voices of women, BIPOC, the LGBTQIA+ community and other underrepresented groups being lifted and listened to. I'm excited for a future of reform, that holds organizations and systems accountable to make them more inclusive and equal for all. Knowing that Slalom is safe place for me to express my passions and ideas, I feel comfortable being my authentic self and creating a space for others to do the same.”

Chioma Acolonu
Talent Acquisition Analyst, Slalom

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As an older millennial, I’m energized by the enthusiasm and passion that younger millennials and Gen Z are bringing to the table. Both inside and outside of Slalom it’s clear that authenticity, equality, and a better future are important to them. I’m excited to see where that takes us.

“When you think about your best friend, the best team you’ve ever worked on, your favorite boss, and you describe why those people and those experiences were so great—it’s usually because you were dedicated to a higher purpose together. It’s rarely because the person leading them was sure that they were the best in the world. If we want to produce the best teams and the best outcomes, there’s a certain amount of our own personal pride that we have to give up in service of the best solution for everyone.”

Sarah Moesker
General Manager, Slalom Phoenix

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It is okay when life doesn’t go as planned. Every setback or failure can be an opportunity with the right attitude and outlook . . . and sometimes great things can come from the unexpected!

“When you're exposed to the level of diversity that I've been exposed to throughout my growing years—a diversity of language, race, culture, religion—you don't think about accepting difference. Differences are just a part of who we are, they are to be celebrated and enjoyed, rather than accepted. That is how I grew up and that is how I try to live.”

Sangeeta Prasad
Chief Marketing Officer, Slalom

"I grew up in a large Cuban family in Miami, and when I look back, the culture I grew up in is absolutely what shaped and prepared me for the person I show up as today at work."

Kristine Santa-Coloma Rohls
General Manager, Washington DC