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Slalom Dreamforce 2015 Customer Connect


Slalom Customer.Connect: a clienteling application on Salesforce

Your customers want personal, meaningful relationships. You lack the data and insights required to provide that connection—and you’re not alone.

The black book gets a digital makeover

That’s why we developed Customer.Connect—a clienteling application on Salesforce. Customer.Connect digitizes the age-old client black book and puts the power of customer engagement directly in the hands of store associates and managers.

Frontline personnel now have a multi-channel view of their clients, including purchase habits and engagement touch-points. They can communicate directly with clients to drive a personalized experience in and out of store, further extending brand loyalty.

Redefine the customer experience

With our Fullforce solution, you benefit from increased sales, superior customer support, improved loyalty, and real-time insight into sales and marketing productivity. Customer.Connect leverages the power of the platform to enable a future-proof model for driving growth of your customer base across all channels.

  • Make the most of customer data. Customer information is most beneficial when it’s stored properly and securely and made available to downstream systems. Allow your marketers to gather valuable customer insights to segment customers and target personalized content.

  • Empower your frontline personnel. Take your customer service to new heights with actionable insights. Arm your associates with increased visibility into individual behavior and patterns for their most valuable clients.

  • Provide tailored experiences. With this rich new data, the possibilities are endless. Enable personalized digital experiences, such as real-time loyalty, product recommendations, and engaging interactions, to further enhance your brand.
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