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Demand for responsible products, services, and operations is growing faster than ever. Globally, organizations are ramping up their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) efforts to grow new capabilities and responsibly manage resources to foster their triple top and bottom lines: people, planet, and profit.

What we do

More than 80% of mainstream investors now consider ESG when making investment decisions.

Crafting and accelerating your ESG journey

At its core, ESG is about isolating and mitigating risks while uncovering new opportunities. Slalom’s breadth of ESG expertise spans across strategy, technology, and data, as well as people and process. We will work with you to future-proof your business across relevant impact areas and organizational functions.

Truck driving across a bridge at sunset

customer spotlight

Defining the ESG vision for a logistics leader

Truck driving across a bridge at sunset

A logistics solutions company sought an enterprise-level ESG assessment to help address the rise in related inquiries from investors and stakeholders. Slalom was engaged to conduct an assessment across several impact areas with the company’s executives and functional leaders and help build the company’s public ESG narrative. This foundational effort provided the client with the necessary insights to move forward with its ESG strategy and activate a portfolio of ESG improvement initiatives.

Top employers by employee satisfaction have average ESG scores 14% higher than the global average.

We can help

Defining and accomplishing meaningful ESG goals is an enterprise-level effort, and we’re here to partner with our clients throughout this transformation. Slalom can help you shape your long-term vision and break it down into tangible steps, while creating the necessary structure and capabilities to amplify your impact and outcomes.

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