Top 3 Insights from the Google Cloud Applied ML Summit Keynote

Did you miss the keynote “Accelerating the deployment of predictable ML in production” at the Google Cloud Applied ML Summit? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Led by Priyanka Vergadia (Developer Advocate-Google Cloud) and Andrew Moore (VP & GM, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions, Google Cloud), this informative keynote covered:

  • The latest Google AI and ML product announcements
  • New capabilities supporting everyone from data scientists to enterprises
  • How real-world customers have transformed their operations using Google Cloud Vertex AI

Here are the Top 3 Insights:


The keynote kicked off with an overview of the current state of AI and ML:

  • There’s a significant gap in the skills needed for developing ML-powered applications
  • Removing technology dependencies will allow more people to participate in successful deployments
  • Only 10% of organizations have more than half of their software engineers trained with ML skills*
  • On average, only 53% of products actually make it to production*


Next, we learned about four big paradigms that need to be addressed in order to reach “machine learning utopia”:

1)     Freedom of choice. Data scientists must be able to mix and match all kinds of different machine learning components.

2)     Meeting users where they are.  Everyone should be able to participate in an ML-driven company, from those who are just starting to experts who are comfortable building custom models.

3)     Streamlining the relationship between data and AI. Both need to work together as one system, so pushing the tools for data management into AI workbenches is critical.

4)     Managing the machine learning models. Make it easier for data scientists to do their jobs and not expect them to be infrastructure or operations engineers.

Google Cloud is helping address these paradigms through enhanced tools such as Vertex AI to accelerate the deployment and maintenance of machine learning models.


We heard from Smitha Shyam (Director of Engineering, UberAI). Uber makes billions of real-time machine learning decisions on a global scale using Michelangelo, its ML platform. In many use cases, the structured data they gather can be imbalanced, or they may have to input missing data.  In its partnership with Google Cloud, Uber incorporated Vertex AI into the training phase and solved their data set size limitations.

Bryan Goodman (Director of AI and Cloud, Ford) touched on AI leading innovation revolutions in electrified, connected, and automated vehicles. Ford’s partnership with Google Cloud helped them manage enormous amounts of data. Vertex AI accelerated their efforts to scale AI for non-software experts as they engineer and build solutions.



Applied ML Summit

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Applied ML Summit

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Some of the highlights include:

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Key topics from this session include:

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Mark Kobe speaking at Google Summit

Get more knowledge and insights from leading professional ML engineers and data scientists on cutting-edge AI tools for developing, deploying, and managing ML models at scale.

* Source: Gartner Survey Analytics: by Van Baker, Benoit Lheureux, “ AI Adoption Spans Software Engineering and Organizational Boundaries” Published 25 November 2021, ]

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