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Learn how one biopharmaceutical company fostered a modern culture of data with Agile

by Dan Gomez

Like every industry, pharmaceutical companies generate mountains of data. But even this industry—which thrives on a forward-thinking culture of exploration, experimentation, and rigor—can still adopt backward-thinking approaches to analyzing and sharing data to drive insights.

We learned this firsthand with a global biopharmaceutical client that wanted to leverage its vast data sets to speed decision-making and better adjust to the needs of patients. To do this, it needed to create the conditions necessary to foster a collaborative and modern data culture—Agile was the way.

What do we mean by Agile? At Slalom, we regard Agile as a cultural shift to organizations’ ways of working, characterized by faster iteration, the willingness to fail, the breakdown of organizational barriers and a focus on the business outcome. In our biopharma client’s case, applying Agile principles could unlock a more productive and powerful—and less restrictive—data culture.

Making data management and insight delivery more Agile

The challenge: How can data be the guide to inform thinking, questions and methods? How can data be simplified, access be broadened, and tools be made available for analytics and insights across the globe?

Our team applied Agile principles to help the client find creative ways to manage the data and make it available to those who needed it—data that are necessary to get safe and effective products to patients. We knew that biopharma companies typically endure long cycles without results. Agile provides faster iterations, giving stakeholders the ability to respond or adjust and see visible results quickly, which often proves critical to their success.

Delivering the right solutions faster

We knew this transformation needed to be organic, with thinking from top down and bottom up. We identified and drove micro outcomes—benefits and improvements—to gain senior leadership’s buy-in to the effort while teams on the ground kept the momentum with quick wins.

Embracing Agile principles, the client teams delivered its data capabilities 25% faster than they would have using a traditional waterfall approach—a win for researchers, investigators, prescribers, and patients.

Even the biggest companies can transform to Agile. We can help.

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