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How to navigate your cloud journey

Get Slalom's guide to overcoming the top four challenges of business transformation enabled by cloud.


The cloud is an engine for business innovation, essential to remaining competitive and relevant in today's always-connected world. In addition to the fundamental technical advantages—high availability, fault tolerance, scalability, and elasticity—the cloud allows companies in every industry to take advantage of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. It can empower you to evolve core capabilities and open new revenue streams with innovative solutions.

But on the journey of business transformation enabled by cloud, we see a host of common challenges that can prevent or delay companies' transformational objectives. The top four cloud challenges:

  • Lack of relevant cloud skills and resources
  • Funding and financial planning constraints
  • Siloed organizational structure and legacy culture
  • Limited IT and business alignment

In this whitepaper, Slalom experts Ahad Hosseini, Ash Epp, and Tom Caron describe how you can navigate skillfully around all these challenges and realize the benefits of the cloud faster.

Get Slalom's guide to cloud success.