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Full-spectrum Salesforce

Customer love from every angle

Your customers want omni-channel convenience. From mobile app to in-store pickup. From email to online chat to service visit. From partner website to call center to social.

Wherever they go, they expect a responsive, personalized experience. “Customer engagement” now applies to consumers, business customers, partners, suppliers, distributors, and employees.

Salesforce facilitates powerful connection across the customer lifecycle—a foundational engine for customer love. But only if your business can align and accelerate around it.

What we do

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Service that builds relationships

Great customer service opens doors for up-sell, cross-sell, and higher lifetime customer value. Best of all, it creates advocates for your brand. Customers expect “channel of choice” engagement, single contact resolution, and personalized, data-informed interactions.

  • Engagement centers
  • Social care
  • Self service
  • Workforce management
  • Mobile care
  • Business process and service model design

Western Union upgraded customer support across 5,000 agents in 22 global call centers—reducing average handle time for many calls by 65%. 

Real-time engagement in the field

Turn a service call into a powerful connection. When agents in the field are empowered to deliver exceptional experiences—with data at their fingertips and an integrated view of their customer—service calls become opportunities to build loyalty and trust.

  • Work order management
  • Scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Mobility
  • Assets and service parts

Start somewhere and iterate. A large food safety audit company rolled out Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning in just 20 weeks and retired several legacy systems.

Connected marketing

Customers want fluid, personalized experiences, refined at each touchpoint. To achieve this, companies must make sense of increasingly complex marketing automation technology—driven by strategy, informed by data, and executed flawlessly.

  • Multi-channel strategy
  • Data architecture
  • Journey builder
  • Personalization and segmentation
  • Org design and operational planning
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Measurement and reporting

A major insurance company leap-frogged from old-school direct mail marketing to a full implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a 360-view of customers in a single year.

B2B digital selling

Acquiring and retaining your business customers can be 100% digital. They want the same effortless, personalized experiences they’ve come to expect as consumers. When you make it easy, digital selling inspires confidence and grows relationships—while reducing cost of sale.

  • CRM
  • Distributor and customer portals
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • B2B commerce
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Mobile selling

A global chemicals company moved a complex pricing engine to Amazon Web Services with Salesforce integration, reducing time to quote and contract by 25%.