Slalom Navigator: Keep your Tableau journey on course

You’re revolutionizing the way data is accessed, analyzed, visualized, and shared across your organization.

This journey will enable others to drive outcomes fueled by insights, but complexities may arise along the way. That's where Slalom Navigator comes in. We've accompanied many clients on this journey, and we can help you:

  • Promote enterprise adoption of data visualization, not departmental isolation
  • Architect for high availability, redundancy, automatic failover, and load balancing
  • Balance the needs and define the roles of business and IT
  • Define processes to address the lack of adherence while promoting innovation
  • Transform the way your organization thinks about accessing and managing data

Think of it as your GPS for Tableau adoption.

Slalom Navigator

Slalom Navigator delivers results

In partnership with Tableau, Slalom Navigator defines the methodology for scaling self-service analytics. This methodology enables you to drastically increase speed to market of new insights and create competitive advantage through widespread adoption.

Compared to traditional deployments, Slalom Navigator delivers transformational benefits within a few months.

Slalom navigator chart

Whether you’re defining your Tableau vision or midway through your implementation, we can help you accomplish results by enabling:

Empower the business to explore, visualize, and share data with colleagues using user-friendly tools and data sources to create new, meaningful insights.

Create a path to publish impactful data visualizations to a wide audience with different analytical needs, jointly supported by IT and the business.

Navigator focus areas

Slalom Navigator’s implementation plan encompasses all the necessary steps from start to finish to promote full adoption.


Slalom navigator graphic

You can create a community of practice with your existing personnel by adding only a few newly-defined roles. Working together to drive adoption and promote trust,  teams will coexist across the following areas:

Focuses on use cases for analytics that lead to return on investments, and the innovation of how the analytics are experienced.

Virtual team
Represents the analytical needs of each business unit, the data and architecture to sustain this, and the processes and interactions that evolve to bring it to life.

Drives the technology and architecture that work with analytics and data.

Explore what's possible with Slalom and Tableau.