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Raise your Tableau game

Get interactive Tableau training from the best data visualization experts in the business.

Your data has an important story to tell. We can help you find it.

Led by Slalom’s certified Tableau practitioners, our interactive courses leverage the latest curriculum developed by Tableau. Through hands-on exercises and active discussion, you’ll learn how to create high-impact dashboards that reveal timely insights and inspire your audience to take action.

Train with the best

Why choose Slalom for Tableau training? For starters, we've been recognized as a Tableau Partner of the Year five times. We’re home to three Tableau Zen Masters (and more alum), and we’ve helped countless clients transform their organizations with the power of real-time insights.

Bonus: You don’t even have to step outside your office. We’ll bring our classes straight to you, tailored to meet your business needs.


Tableau Desktop 1 - Fundamentals

This course is designed for anyone who works with data, whether in business or IT. We’ll explore different types of data visualizations, discuss which ones are best for different use cases, and practice creating interactive dashboards.

Tableau Desktop II - Intermediate

Got the basics down? Join this course. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details of how to build high-performing worksheets and dashboards.

Tableau Desktop I + II - Accelerated

Fast-track your Tableau skills with an accelerated course that combines key lessons from Tableau Desktop I and II. Some background with data reporting is helpful, but no specific Tableau experience is required.

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