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Wanted: Salesforce consultants

Looking to take the next step in your Salesforce career?

We’re proud to be a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner. Through our partnership with Salesforce, we’re able to help improve the sales, service, and marketing organizations of some of the most progressive companies in the world. In the last five years, we’ve built an expert team that has implemented Salesforce solutions for clients across many different industries, including retail, financial services, high tech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare.

What makes us different? It’s not in our nature to brag, but we believe we have a better approach to solving business challenges and more well rounded delivery practices (we’re honored that Salesforce thinks so too). What really sets us apart, though, is our people. They are passionate and talented and interesting to be around—definitely the kind of people you want to work (and hangout) with. They are a big part of why we’re consistently recognized as a best place to work.

We encourage you to dig a little deeper and learn more about what makes Slalom such a great place to build your career.


Salesforce at Slalom

We’ve made it our mission to help innovative companies solve some of their most challenging business and technology problems. And because of our local model, we’re able to provide a higher level of collaboration with our clients. We are proud of our alliance with Salesforce and continue to hire the best and brightest people with Salesforce expertise. We encourage our people to continue their on-the-job learning, and pursue certifications to further their knowledge.

“Slalom is something big, with a purpose, where my contributions are valued and needed. I guess you can say I drink the Kool-Aid, and lots of it, because it is the best out there.”
—Yolande Du Preez, Chicago

“I loved my old job, but sometimes I had to be the smartest guy in the room. At Slalom, I rarely have to be the smartest guy in the room, as there are over 2,500 other smart people who know way more than me about a lot of different topics.”
—Paddy Healey, Seattle

Our Salesforce people

Our consultants have taken many different professional and personal paths to get to Slalom. Some come from large multinational consulting companies or specialized boutique firms, and some come from industry backgrounds. Because of that, we bring deep knowledge to the table. Why do people join Slalom? Some are ready to get off the road. Others want to be a part of growing something new. But everyone stays for the same reasons: our strong culture, the fact that we actually live our core values, and the work they get to do.

Our Salesforce work

We work on projects for many different clients and industries. Given the nature of consulting, our projects vary in lengths and team sizes, but in every case, we work hard to make a real difference in our clients’ businesses. Our work with Lattice highlights our ability to partner and make a direct business impact.

Lattice Semiconductor came to us with a need to extend its existing CRM platform,, to reduce inefficiencies and drive performance. Before extending its platform, Lattice recognized that it first needed to simplify and enhance its existing program. We partnered with Lattice’s sales, marketing, and IT teams to simplify the existing implementation and improve the user experience by streamlining global business processes.

The CRM program refresh radically simplified the existing implementation—netting a 70% reduction in overall complexity of the configuration (fields, validation rules, workflow, custom objects, custom code, roles, profiles, etc.). The simplification of its processes and system design has reduced the cost of time and resources required to maintain a heavily customized and needlessly complex system. Lattice's users can now spend less time entering information and more time interacting with customers and driving sales.


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