Press Release - 2016 Tableau Alliance Partner of the Year

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2016 Tableau Americas Alliance Partner of the Year

Slalom wins Tableau North and South America Alliance Partner of the Year for fourth consecutive year

Seattle, WA—January 25, 2017—Slalom, the purpose-driven consulting firm that helps companies solve business problems and build for the future, today announced that it won Tableau’s North and South America Alliance Partner of the Year award for the fourth year in a row. Announced during Tableau’s Partner Leadership Summit, the award recognizes partners for excellent performance and significant achievements in helping customers see and understand their data.

“With over 450 Tableau experts and three Tableau Zen Masters at Slalom, we truly live and breathe Tableau,” says Steve Walintschek, chief technology officer and general manager of alliances at Slalom. “Thanks to our close partnership with Tableau, we’re able to create innovative data stories that enable our clients to view their businesses in new ways and stay ahead of their competition.”

Slalom has also created two custom Tableau solutions—Slalom Navigator and vizOS—to help organizations easily adopt Tableau and make the most of their visual analytics. Slalom Navigator, like a GPS system for Tableau adoption, helps increase organizations’ widespread adoption and speed to market of new insights. vizOS, the world’s first data visualization operating system, is compatible with Tableau, Qlik, D3, Looker, Excel 365, and Google Sheets, and enables users to create and combine dashboards on the fly from any device.

More than just implementing Tableau solutions, Slalom helps companies understand—and plan for—how that software will impact their people, processes, and existing technologies. Whether companies are just getting started with Tableau or fine-tuning deployments across their enterprises, Slalom helps them get the most value out of Tableau solutions and equips them for success.

“We have Tableau experts in every one of our markets throughout the U.S., U.K, and Canada, which makes it easy for us to work closely with our clients to develop Tableau solutions that solve their specific business needs,” says Brent Carney, director of strategic alliances at Slalom. “Our ability to scale with Tableau and our clients has helped drive our rapid growth.”

To learn more about how Slalom and Tableau help companies gain deep insights from data, visit


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