Press release - Slalom opens office in Detroit

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Slalom opens office
in Detroit

Slalom launches its Detroit office to bring innovative business and technology solutions to companies in the Motor City.

Detroit, MI—October 4, 2016—Slalom, the purpose-driven consulting firm that helps companies solve business problems and build for the future, today announced the opening of its office in Detroit, Michigan. This will be Slalom’s 25th office as it continues its momentum helping companies create innovative solutions spanning business advisory, customer experience, technology, and analytics.

With Detroit’s biggest industries—automotive, healthcare, and energy—going through massive transformations, it was a no-brainer for Slalom to plant roots in Detroit and help companies navigate and succeed through these times of change.

“The types of technologies that companies have to think about are changing dramatically, and that's a perfect sweet spot for Slalom,” said David Rouls, general manager of Slalom’s Detroit office. “We’re a company that’s coming in to create thoughtful, custom-made solutions for our clients’ specific challenges—and collaborate closely with them every step of the way.”

Slalom’s Detroit team will be backed by Slalom’s delivery network—a collection of regional delivery centers across North America staffed by talented engineers—to deliver world-class solutions in the fastest time-to-market possible.

As a lifelong Detroit resident, Rouls is passionate about helping Detroit companies succeed and creating new jobs in the city.

“Slalom offered me an opportunity to focus 100 percent on Detroit clients and creating Detroit jobs,” said Rouls. “After having traveled and worked all over the globe helping companies, I’m excited about building a team that could help create 500 Detroit jobs—right here. I want to help the Detroit people get and create jobs they love where, together, we can help our Detroit clients compete on a global scale.”


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