Press release - Slalom wins 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award

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Slalom wins 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award

Slalom takes home top honors in the Service Cloud category for outstanding work with Western Union

We’re proud to announce that we’ve won the 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Service Cloud category for our work delivering a call center solution for Western Union.

Salesforce honored partners that delivered innovative and outstanding outcomes on the Salesforce platform, evaluating solutions against the following criteria:

  • Compelling business challenge
  • Incorporation of key technologies
  • Measurable customer outcomes
  • Social integration (e.g., inclusion of Chatter and other social technologies)
  • Mobile-readiness
  • Ecosystem breadth (i.e., inclusive of multiple partner solutions)

Slalom’s work with Western Union checked all the boxes and then some, marking one of our most successful Salesforce Service Cloud implementations to date. We developed a complete call center solution for Western Union in six months for 5,000 users in over 20 call centers, available in seven languages. Now Western Union can provide its customers with around-the-clock support—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“This project has shifted from being an ancillary business application to a critical, core platform for one of the most strategic areas of our business,” says Michael Esquibel, business sponsor and VP of IT & Operations at Western Union. “It also demonstrated that business value can be delivered quickly and effectively with the right solution and the right partner.”

Within a year of beginning the project, Western Union was able to fully retire its legacy platform. And within two months of launch, the Service Cloud solution had reduced the average handle time for one of the highest-volume call types by 65 percent.

We’re honored to be recognized for helping transform Western Union’s business with Salesforce. Learn more about the extraordinary results we drive through our Platinum Salesforce partnership.

5,000 users in six months
20 call centers
7 core languages
24/7 customer support

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