Slalom Expands to White Plains, New York to Serve Companies in Westchester County and Southern Connecticut

White Plains, NY  Jan. 7, 2020  Slalom, the modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation, today announced the opening of its newest office in White Plains, New York, which will serve companies in Westchester County and Southern Connecticut.

Founded in Seattle in 2001, Slalom also has offices in New York City, Hartford, and a total of over 35 markets around the world. Slalom’s clients include more than half the Fortune 100 and a third of the Fortune 500—along with startups, not-for-profits, and innovative organizations of all kinds. Slalom’s New York City office has been the fastest-growing market in Slalom history.

“We see a lot of untapped potential in Westchester County and Southern Connecticut,” said Marc Raderman, Slalom General Manager for Westchester/Southern Connecticut. “These regions have exceptionally skilled workforces and are committed to industries such as bioscience, finance, insurance, technology, healthcare, and retail. These are perfect matches for Slalom, and we’re looking forward to bringing lasting innovations to these business communities.

The new office will bring more than 300 jobs to Westchester and Southern Connecticut over the next several years.

“Westchester County is pleased to welcome Slalom and the hundreds of professional jobs the firm will bring to our business community,” said George Latimer, Westchester County Executive.

“Slalom's expertise in digital transformation will undoubtedly help our companies better face their biggest opportunities and challenges,” said Jon Winkel, Founder and Executive Director of Stamford Innovation Week. “With a wealth of talented, successful business leaders and a strategic location between Boston and New York City, this is the perfect place for an innovative company like Slalom to thrive.”

Slalom employs over 7,500 people globally and will continue to expand into more cities worldwide in 2020.