Slalom Named Snowflake FY2020 Partner of the Year

Seattle, WA – June 17, 2020 – Slalom today announced that it has been named the 2020 Partner of the Year award winner by Snowflake, the Cloud Data Platform. This award was presented at Snowflake’s Virtual Partner Summit.

Slalom was recognized for its achievements as part of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform ecosystem, helping joint customers design, build, migrate, and manage their Snowflake platform to reduce complexity, maximize value, and accelerate their time to insights. 

Slalom’s cloud database expertise extends across multiple platform providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This experience has resulted in a natural transition to working with Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform. Slalom is focused on developing the best-in-class analytic environments using Snowflake to meet business needs and set the stage for long-term growth and sustainability.

“Snowflake is a key partner in helping our clients build a modern culture of data,” said Slalom Managing Director of data and analytics, Hilary Feier. “The platform helps make scalable, secure, and accessible data a reality.”

“We are honored to announce Slalom as Snowflake’s Partner of the Year, for the third year in a row,” Snowflake VP Partners and Alliances, Colleen Kapase said. “Slalom helps companies build best-in-class analytic environments that are powerful, flexible, and elastic. Their efforts have delivered deep value to the Snowflake ecosystem and we look forward to continuing to build upon our partnership to further empower joint customers.” 

Slalom and Snowflake have partnered to create a digital experience that explores how technologies come together to create a modern culture of data—where people have the power to accelerate business outcomes with rapid insights. To learn more about how Slalom can help customers achieve their boldest data ambitions, check out the interactive Moonshot experience