Slalom featured as premier launch partner for new AWS service, Amazon Timestream

Seattle, WA – October 5, 2020 – Slalom, the modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation has been named one of AWS’s premier launch partners for its new time series database service, Amazon Timestream. This is one of many new services that Slalom and AWS have partnered together to launch.  

As a launch partner, Slalom previewed the Timestream service and provided feedback and thoughtful insights on different use cases, ways to improve functionality, and best practices for how to use the service.  

“AWS Timestream's flexibility allows for easy integration of updates to always evolving table schemas,” said Hassan Mahmood, a data and analytics consultant at Slalom. “With the basic time series functionality delivered by the querying language, statisticians can perform advanced analytics within the Timestream environment. The database adds great value to the products our teams can create for clients. Our consultants can easily enable dashboards for DevOps teams to monitor systems or perform advanced time series analytics work for our clients, all from one database."  

Timestream offers a wealth of benefits including: 

  • Unmatched speed at a fraction of the cost 

  • Built-in analytic functions such as smoothing, approximation, and interpolation 

  • Serverless infrastructure for automatic scaling and performance 

“Using Timestream’s capabilities to simplify data access enables data scientists, developers, product managers, and senior leadership teams to process time series data at scale with optimal speed,” said Yuvraj Sidhu, an advanced analytics consultant at Slalom. “Timestream allows users to visualize and transform data across a wide array of use cases, from IoT to broader analytics applications. Most importantly it serves as a single solution that easily integrates many frequently used tools.” 

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