Slalom unveils element lab212 to fuel business growth and innovation

Leading global consulting firm teams with Ericsson to launch 5G-powered lab.

October 28, 2021, New York – Slalom today announced the opening of Slalom element lab212, an innovation hub designed for organizations across all industries to discover breakthroughs through harnessing the power of 5G and working with Slalom’s strategy and innovation team. Slalom element lab212 is an inaugural innovation lab, where convention is challenged and business accelerates.

“Slalom element lab212 is a unique combination of technology, consultation, ideation and resources to help businesses uncover and take advantage of new opportunities,” said John Tomik, Managing Director, Slalom Strategy. “Clients will benefit from Slalom’s holistic approach that is built upon the foundation of understanding human behavior in response to new technology, to push boundaries and break out of constrained thought patterns. With Slalom element lab212, clients can explore the questions, themes and technology that will shape the future of business and culture.”

How Slalom element lab212 works

Clients will work with a team of leading researchers, analysts, creators, and industry experts to realize their brand’s fullest potential to create, adopt, and harness future technological opportunities. Slalom’s rapid-iteration process pushes the boundaries and energizes executives’ thinking to innovate, discover, and challenge convention.

“5G innovation comes to life when companies have a space to collaborate and explore. Ericsson’s partnership with Slalom creates an opportunity for companies across industries to get hands-on with the technology, consider new ways to apply it, and unlock new business value,” said Alan Minney, Global Lead Strategic Partnerships, Ericsson.

Key elements of the Slalom element lab212 include Ericsson 5G areas designed to realize the possibilities of: 

  • INSPIRATION – Half the lab is a dedicated playground for clients to test drive the latest tech to challenge assumptions and find answers to forecast for the future:

    • Human-Machine Relationships – How can hardware and software intertwine with humanity to create something better, stronger, faster, and smarter?
    • Total Automation – How can business integrate sensors, robotics, and workflows to improve operations? 
    • The Digital Twin Future – How can business unlock the potential of visualizing and interacting with the physical environment in a digital manner?
  • INNOVATION – The other half of the lab is dedicated to business application using Slalom’s rapid-iteration process to accelerate new technology innovation and adoption.

    • The Multimedia Future – How will audio, video, projection, collaboration, and multimedia capabilities work together to provide new opportunities?
    • The Enterprise Zone – How can business implement new industrial and commercial applications to increase productivity?

Slalom element lab212 is located in the Flatiron district of New York City and is open for tours to potential clients. For more information about Slalom element lab212 please visit: