Slalom Continues Commitment to Support Racial Equity through the 2022 Social Equality Initiative Awards

The Slalom Foundation, the philanthropic giving arm of Slalom, has awarded 11 grants to organizations across the U.S., U.K., and Australia totaling $295,000. The organizations awarded grants through the Foundation’s Social Equality Initiative (SEI) are doing vital work across our communities to fight racism and promote social justice.

Launched in 2020 with a three-year, $1M commitment, the Social Equality Initiative is employee driven and gives Slalom employees the ability to nominate organizations in their communities that are doing work to decrease and eliminate racism and systematic discrimination. Slalom employees live and work in their communities, and as a result of their nominations, Slalom has provided $600,000 to community organizations the past two years.

The list of awarded organizations includes:

These awards represent a continued commitment and dedication to the work Slalom started in 2020 to support racial equity.  Slalom is continuing to honor that commitment and provide support for organizations who are working to dismantle racial barriers and create better tomorrows for all. 

To learn more about Slalom’s community and social impact work, please visit our website and review our annual Impact Report