Finding our way forward

The pandemic continues to limit our daily lives and challenge our organizations. For months, companies in every industry have been racing to adapt operating models, rethink strategies, and create new experiences. And now, we're also experiencing a widespread reckoning with systemic racism—one that demands profound and lasting change.

In this environment, compassion is essential, creativity is strength, and we are called to bring the best of people and technology together to build a better future for everyone.

This page is a place of connection, to help our clients and communities forge ahead with timely insights and inspiration.

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The Future of CX

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The future of customer experience is here, accelerated by COVID-19. Drawing on data from our Future of Digital study, Slalom Strategy leaders Sam Andrews and Mark Waks teamed up for a lively conversation about how brands are reimagining their customer journeys in this unique moment.


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people first

Four anti-racist choices corporate America can make right now

There are many ways companies can do better by their Black team members. There is no single, correct way forward, but this piece from Slalom consultant Bryan Nwafor offers four specific, actionable things that companies can do right now to help ensure an authentic and sustainable response. 
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Next way of working

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The greatest time of change and innovation we'll ever know is unfolding right now. As you regroup and replan, what will you let go of and how will you choose to leap ahead? How will you ground your decisions in purpose and data—with your customers and your teams at heart? We offer a roadmap for reinvention.

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The business capabilities that will speed recovery from COVID-19 and recession are the same things many of our clients were already striving toward. Now they’re imperative.

We need digital agility to adapt to long-term changes in workforce structure and customer behavior. We need modern data cultures to make informed decisions quickly, while empowering curiosity and experimentation. We need the power of artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency and accelerate innovation. And we need cloud-first technology products that can adapt fast to changing needs.



AWS | Slalom Launch Centers

We’ve partnered with AWS to bring our customers a new way to achieve their cloud ambitions. Launch Centers pair your teams directly with our experts in a secure, immersive, and collaborative virtual environment backed by our proven culture of innovation and learning.
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Inspiration from a futurist

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With technology evolving exponentially on multiple fronts, every business has the opportunity to innovate toward digital experiences that might seem impossible today. But what end goal should you focus on? How can you connect your customers' needs with emerging trends and probable futures? Get energized by these insights from our recent conversations with Ted Schilowitz, Paramount Pictures’ resident futurist.

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It's amazing to see how quickly customers and industries have evolved in the past few months. A new article on the Slalom Customer Insight blog highlights five emerging customer strategy trends. We've also noted six customer experience trends in retail and consumer goods, a great compliment to this piece on retail's new normal

Supply chain has moved quickly to stabilize, and we recently highlighted some opportunities to hedge for irregularity in the food and beverage supply chain.

Privacy remains a hot topic. We've outlined the leading privacy risks in this crisis and provided a three-step crash course for protecting your organization’s data now. Consumer privacy concerns are also of pressing importance, as digital channels take the lead on customer experience. A proactive approach to privacy by design can help you avoid customer data breeches and maintain brand trust. 



Experience agility

Why have some organizations adapted their customer strategies faster than others to respond to COVID-19? They move together differently—not just reactively—to embrace shifting customer needs. Explore the three capabilities that can help you drive more customer value, faster, with every dollar you invest.
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Across industries, we’re seeing the future of the global workforce click into focus. We're learning from the ways businesses have extended the horizon of innovation to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, with scrappy innovations like pivoting production facilities to make sanitizer and PPE. And we're anticipating a wave of mergers and acquisitions as we exit this crisis, which will follow a new M&A and private equity playbook.

We’ve also been thinking about how rigorously exploring potential scenarios can reposition change as a way to pull your business forward, rather than a force that hits you unexpectedly and throws you off balance. Check out this blog on how to increase your speed to change using foresight.

As you look into the future, don't forget to take time to recuperate and recharge. Our Slalom Build team offers tools and tips to establish new habits of self care, along with valuable lessons learned from 10+ years of virtual teaming.

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Ensuring data access and transparency

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Slow and unorganized data systems are especially problematic in these days of remote work and accelerated transformation. Moonshot offers both a high-level look at how a modern culture of data can help you realize your vision—and actionable first steps to get there. Join experts from Slalom, Snowflake, AWS, and Tableau for a fast-moving, virtual learning experience, available free and on-demand.

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Forecasting the long-term impact of COVID-19

We partnered with Harvard students to help the City of Denver assess how COVID-19 is affecting its revenues and economy. Thanks to flexible forecasting models and user-friendly tools, Denver is ready to meet changing circumstances now—and confidently plan for the future.
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It's stories like the one above that keep us inspired. We're proud to share many more examples of resilience and impact, in partnership with Salesforce, Google Cloud, Tableau, our healthcare clients, life science innovators, and the public sector.

As we adapt to rapid change, we must continue to put people first, live up to our values, and learn together. That's how we'll make things better for the long run. 

Please reach out if we can do anything to help you or your organization.