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Chelsea Ihle

Chelsea Ihle

Solution Principal

  • What attracted you to Slalom?
    I like the local model because it means so many things. It means we focus on the community we live and contribute to. It means we understand the environments in which our customers are operating. Lastly, it means that our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction because, if one thing were to go particularly badly, we could be done within the community.
  • What makes a great consultant?
    There are lots of characteristics that make a great consultant; however, I feel empathy is particularly important. We need to understand our client’s problems before we can begin to fix them.
  • What’s the favorite part of your job?
    I love the exposure to problems in a wide variety of businesses. It’s interesting to see how industries determine important details that make problems complex; however, key themes persist across all, whether it’s retail, industrial manufacturing, or healthcare.
  • People would be surprised to hear that I worked as:
    I was a part-time sports writer for my hometown newspaper.
  • Education
    I got my undergraduate degree in economics from the University of St. Thomas and my master’s degree in political science and quantitative methods from The Ohio State University.
  • Hobbies
    I love to knit, read the classics, brew beer, and bake. I make a mean pie!