People Profile - Joel Forman

Slalom's Joel Forman

Joel Forman

Managing Director

  • What makes Slalom great?
    I love getting to work with highly motivated and talented people every day across our markets. It's great to go into projects with strong teams and know that you're going to do great work.
  • Cloud expertise
    I am a Cloud Solution Architect on our National Delivery Team, with over five years of experience architecting and delivering solutions on platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure. When I am not leading our high profile cloud projects, I am working with potential customers in all of our markets on why, when, and how they can move to the cloud.
  • Experience
    I have spent the past 12 years in the consulting industry serving a wide variety of clients from different industries and focus areas around the globe.
  • Hobbies
    Basketball, softball, golf, hiking, mountaineering.