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Kirsten Fatland

Kirsten Fatland


  • Work Style
    I’m very big on communication and clarity and really like the 4P approach. It’s so much easier to plan and implement change when everyone understands the problem (i.e., the reason the change is needed), the picture (what the solution, or future state, looks like), the plan, and their part in it.
  • Experience
    I’ve worked in several different industries (aerospace/manufacturing, banking, high tech, retail, non-profit) on a variety of roles, including program management, business analysis, usability/product design, and managing a team of tech writers.
  • Expertise
    In addition to my primary expertise as a change agent—leading projects to implement a change—my special expertise is in knowledge management. Your projects have a much greater chance of success if you understand how information and knowledge flow through your organization, and address how those flows impact and are affected by projects.
  • Hobbies
    Gardening, cooking, and sports – I enjoy playing any sport that involves throwing, hitting, or kicking a ball. Current favorites are tennis, golf, and softball.
  • Fun fact
    In college, I minored in Norwegian (jeg snakker litt på Norsk). Not terribly useful on a daily basis, but a fun way to stay in touch with my heritage.