People Profile - Pat Meade

Slalom's Pat Meade

Pat Meade

Western Region General Manager

  • Favorite Quote
    “It’s all about footwork and dribbling”
  • What attracted you to Slalom?
    I was fortunate enough to join our company very early. I felt the Bay Area was a perfect place for our local model and we truly could reinvent our industry. It was easily the best decision of my professional career.
  • Experience
    I have been with Slalom for almost 8 years. I started my career at Accenture in 1989. I then joined PeopleSoft. We were roughly a 250 person organization when I started and about 10,000 when I left. I also spent time at two startups technology companies, one of which was sold and the other went public before joining Unisys as a Practice Area Director in the West.
  • Education
    I have an MBA from the University of Iowa
  • Charities
    I coach many of my kids sports teams
  • Hobbies
    Basketball, Golf, being with my kids