People Profile - Paul Shultz

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Paul Shultz

South Region General Manager

  • Work style
    I’ve always believed that passionately engaged people power the engines of the world. The business engines, service engines, social engines, family engines, all kinds of engines. And I also believe that companies are undeniably living organisms – and if people had their way, they would love their work and love their lives. And most don’t - and it rarely happens. And when they do, organizations look, feel and perform totally amazingly. Slalom people demonstrate our intentionally about our culture every day - providing living examples of how passionately engaged people exist in work and life. Our clients and communities see how different we show up and you can tell they admire and sometimes envy our folks for this. It’s contagious.

    I’ve been around consulting all my life and have held two key values deeply – do the right thing always and people matter most. And practiced the notion that if you take care of the people, they will take care of each other and our clients. Those principles were planted early - coming to Andersen right out of college, I watched others behave and later on learned that Arthur Andersen himself was a man of great integrity and sincerity: his great quote “think straight, talk straight” was likely the best advice I ever had in getting started.

    Maybe those principles also came rooted from my Texas born parents or maybe from moving all over, growing up in 7 different states and moving frequently. You had to make friends quickly and you learned to say adios pretty well too. Mostly though, my trail has been marked by love – for one woman my whole life. We’ve shared love’s moments together over the span of 5 decades and still to this day, I dance with her whenever we can. As John Denver penned it long ago, “if I shall live forever and all my dreams come true, my memories of love will be of you."
  • What attracted you to Slalom?
    The people, culture, and great opportunity to make a lasting difference in the Dallas market with a remarkable team.
  • Experience
    Almost 40 years of consulting and CIO leadership have taught me many lessons – the most important of which is to surround myself with great leaders / great people and to listen to my heart when it speaks. From being a consulting partner at Andersen to leading Hitachi Consulting’s Dallas market. With consulting backgrounds in consumer products, food & beverage, industrial and high tech manufacturing, entertainment, energy, real estate, aerospace, marketing services, and financial services. I primarily love to help diagnose, tune up and collaboratively integrate the human, process and technology engines so that the enterprise machine works better.
  • Education
    I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics and a Master of Business Administration in Management from Baylor University.
  • Service
    Baylor University Hankamer School of Business Advisory Board, Baylor Business Network – Dallas steering committee, WaterTower Theatre Board, Cancer Support Community of North Texas – former Board member and former Chairman of the Board