Slalom's Ryan Powell

Ryan Powell

Practice Area Director

  • What attracted you to Slalom?
    I was attracted to the culture of innovation and the emphasis on work/life balance that was not just lip service. I have stayed because of the commitment to keeping that culture alive.
  • Experience
    Prior to joining Slalom Consulting I spent 13+ years at Accenture where my experience included overall technical architecture and global delivery of solutions for multiple CRM platforms.
  • Expertise
    CRM strategy and roadmap development; omni-channel strategy; solution architecture; solution delivery; CRM products (Siebel, MS Dynamics,, sales processes/sales transformation/SaaS/on-demand platforms
  • What was your first job?
    My first job was at Burger King when I was 14 - I made just under $3/hour. I started at the specialty chicken sandwich station and then I worked the drive-thru. I had the most fun working the drive-thru (a lot better than being surrounded by hot oil all day).
  • People would be surprised to hear that I worked as…
    A telemarketer
  • I have lived/worked in the following cities…
    San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Atlanta, Frankfurt Germany, Melbourne Australia
  • Education
    B.S. Electrical Engineering
  • Charities
    Habitat for Humanity, New York Cares
  • Hobbies
    Snowboarding, soccer, motorsports, light construction, anything water-related, anything fast