People Profile - Steve Winchester

Slalom Consulting's Steve Winchester

Steve Winchester

Managing Director

  • Responsibilities
    I work with Slalom Consulting’s executive team to open new offices throughout the US. From new market strategy to hiring initial leadership teams, I ensure that Slalom builds and executes its market expansion plans. I also work with national leadership teams to recruit for and market Slalom to the consulting community across the country.
  • What was your first job?
    Working on a golf course driving range
  • I have lived/worked in the following cities
    Vancouver, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Saint John, Toronto, Calgary, New York City, Boston
  • Hobbies
  • Three things that many people don't know about me:
    I'm Canadian; I invented the Doggie Driver which was featured in Time magazine and on the Today show; I've climbed Mt. Rainier.