People Profile - Troy Johnson

Slalom Consulting's Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson

Co-Founder and General Manager

  • Responsibilities
    I work with Slalom Consulting’s executive team to open new offices throughout the US. From new market strategy to hiring initial leadership teams, I ensure that Slalom builds and executes its market expansion plans. I also work with national leadership teams to recruit for and market Slalom to the consulting community across the country.
  • Leadership style
    You never stop learning how to be a better leader. I always start with the premise that humility is important, and to lead is to really focus on helping those around you be more successful. From there, recognizing that a leadership team will go further than any single leader can take an organization. Slalom Consulting’s ability to assemble a group of leaders who know how to challenge, but ultimately complement each other is really special to see in action.
  • What makes Slalom great?
    First, Slalom’s culture of growth, innovation, and finding that next great challenge really makes this a special place. Our innovative local model is a force multiplier in how our Slalom network ties everyone together and supports our commitment to be the number-one firm for talented consultants to join and grow their careers.

    Second, Slalom is a great place to build friendships and a fun place to be every day. My best friends work here. And third, passion. The passion our people have not only for consulting and our clients, but for Slalom itself is amazing.
  • What attracted you to Slalom?
    Right time, right place. Brad Jackson, our CEO, said, “If you join, you will have the opportunity to help build a 100M+ company.” Pretty bold considering at the time there were less than five employees. But the ability to build, grow, and make a big difference in a company that had a big vision was very exciting.
  • Experience
    Prior to joining Slalom in 1994, I worked as an analyst at First Interstate Bank, and in sales for the Colorado Rockies baseball team.
  • Education
    I attended the University of Iowa with a double major: Economics and Communication Studies
  • Hobbies and charities
    Golf, snowboarding, guitar, and organizations that support homeless children