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A state bar digitizes the admissions process for the Bar Exam

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From cutting tedious tasks to supporting 20,000+ user logins, we helped a State Bar upgrade its legacy system to a brand-new solution leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud.

Challenge: Backlogs, repetition, and old technology

This State Bar—charged with protecting the public by licensing and regulating attorneys—was stuck with some pretty out-of-date technology. It was hard to navigate for both staff and applicants. Processes weren’t integrated, and staff found themselves bogged down in tedious, repetitive tasks and dealing with growing backlogs. It was becoming increasingly difficult for the Bar to keep up with its mission: tracking accommodations petitions, moral character determinations, and communicating with applicants and institutions.

Solution: Automating tasks and powering real-time reports

The new system had to work for the people who would actually use it. Slalom started with a discovery period, interviewing the bar admissions team and 15 associated teams. The resulting solution—built on Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud—was then rolled out to 80 internal users and made available publicly to support admissions process for all applications. The solution also encompasses the online application process; test question review and validation; real-time reporting via Salesforce Reports and Dashboards, with the ability to track and monitor communities, payments; and application statuses. 

Result: A faster, smoother system

Says the client’s Chief Information Officer, “This was the most successful roll out and implementation of a solution for (our organization) in over a decade. We were impressed by the caliber of the Slalom team; the approach and methodology will be used for all future programs.” And all those busy people doing important things—from the constituents who rely on the State Bar’s services to state staff—now spend less time on tedious processes, and can get what they need faster.

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