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Stories of Slalom and Tableau

Ten stories of data-powered resilience

Slalom has been a Tableau partner for many years, but we've never been more grateful for this powerful platform than in these days of COVID-19. We're excited to share our stories of making a difference with data—but first we have to say a big thank you to our friends at Tableau.

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A message of gratitude

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story 1

Testing and diagnosing to save lives

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While the scale of the pandemic has made it nearly impossible to test each and every suspected COVID-19 case, access to testing for key workers and the most vulnerable and seriously ill patients remains crucial.  Slalom is partnering with a leading provider of COVID diagnostic tests to help the company handle the unprecedented demand and prioritize distribution. Leveraging Tableau dashboards in Salesforce, enabled by a custom click-embed solution, company executives can identify trends in the spread of the virus and make sure tests go to the countries, cities and people who need them most. 

story 2

Flattening the curve through data transparency

Slalom helped one of the most populous US states understand how effectively social distancing measures are working by using advanced analytics and unique data sources. Slalom is working with the Governor’s office and playing a role as the Data Viz arm for COVID-19 to help advise the public. We’re using data to help advise how much the state needs to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals have capacity to deal with the 56% projected patients and optimize survival rates. The Tableau vizzes create transparency to calm the residents on the State’s preparedness and outlook regarding the pandemic. The dashboard had 2.5 million views in less than 2 weeks.

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story 3

Data transparency for the whole community

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Back in 2019, Slalom partnered with the department of health services for a large US state to help its team embrace a Modern Culture of Data, so they could communicate better with the public around the opioid crisis and seasonal influenza. Our team deployed a Tableau Server platform on AWS, delivered Tableau Desktop training courses, and provided best practices coaching workshops. 

The vision of the project was to empower agency staff to create data stories and communicate crucial health information to the public efficiently and transparently. And that’s exactly what they’re doing in response to COVID-19. As public thirst for data grew, the dashboard site began to attract over 4,000 daily visitors, and our consultants returned to help add capacity and optimize performance. Information on COVID-19 is being shared promptly in a way that’s rich in detail, easy to understand at a glance, and accessible to citizens state-wide.

story 4

Helping those in need through modern data and analytics infrastructure

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Food banks across the world have been feeling an incredible demand during this pandemic. We’re helping one of the largest hunger-relief organizations in the US modernize its data and analytics infrastructure using Tableau dashboards to get food to those who need it, faster. Slalom is using technology to unite their network and better leverage its size, scale, and knowledge. We helped modernize the data and analytics infrastructure and used Tableau dashboards to accurately report on the amount of food donated, significantly increasing the conversion percentage of food donors to food banks in need.

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story 5

Giving healthcare providers the critical stats they need

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Our Slalom teams are deeply invested in our communities. Right now, that means helping our local healthcare workers and hospitals leverage their resources effectively. Working with healthcare providers and health-system researchers on the front lines, Slalom created an intuitive and accessible display of relevant hospital resources, like hospital beds and nurses. This will assist those working during the COVID-19 crisis in effectively triaging equipment and staff, allowing for more efficient allocation of resources.

Called coSAFE, these dashboards are built in Tableau and provide important insights – displaying data from the hospital level down to distinct units, such as the Intensive Care Unit, or specific COVID units. This approach allows for multi-level comparisons, giving hospital leadership the ability to swiftly make informed decisions on how to redistribute resources efficiently within their system.

story 6

Leveraging visual analytics to inform important healthcare decisions

A large health system needed to quickly mobilize their resources for an impending influx of patients due to the pandemic. Slalom partnered with them to help visualize their operational metrics. In five days, two reports were developed in Tableau that are now reviewed by clinical and administrative leadership daily and provide a single picture of system health. These dashboards inform decisions on ICU Capacity, Ventilator Supply, Clinic Capacity, Lab Testing Operations and Call Center Volume. They enable users to drive their operations, support acute patient care needs, and get resources to the right locations.

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story 7

Managing an airline's cash flow in the midst of a crisis

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The weekend after the travel restrictions for COVID-19 were announced, Slalom helped the CEO and CFO of a major airline get visibility into the topline numbers for accounts payable and receivable, and liabilities. With a laser focus on serving the company's customers, we used Tableau dashboards to help the reservations and finance teams understand the impact travel refunds would have on their cash position and the flexibility of their current position with accounts payable.

story 8

Using data and analytics to gain employee insight

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To help our client at a large beverage company understand how his team is impacted by COVID-19, we developed a Tableau dashboard that allows him to see all upstream canceled and on-hold projects. The dashboard calculates when these projects are expected to hit his team's workstream and identifies any projects that his team is currently working on that are impacted. Using the dashboard, he can understand changes in capacity within his team and budget, potentially enabling priority shifts to new projects.

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story 9

Data insights from a new streaming platform

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With all of us spending more time indoors, it’s no surprise that streaming on media platforms has increased exponentially. For one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies, understanding how users are interacting with its platform in real-time has become mission-critical. Slalom NY has been working with the client team to create an analytics hub in Google Cloud, then port over critical data and develop the architecture for flexible data marts on BigQuery. Executive teams will be able to ask and answer questions about critical KPI’s utilizing the custom Tableau dashboards built by the Slalom team.

story 10

Harnessing petabyte-scale customer insights, building for scale

Online gaming is also experiencing dramatic growth during lockdown efforts to combat COVID-19. Partnered with Tableau and Google, Slalom is working with a casual gaming company to optimize and transform core components of their business, including developing self-service analytics solutions in Looker and Tableau.

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