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Power to the people

A company is only as good as the people behind it. How do you set up each person in your organization to be the best they can be and support your overall strategy?

We find answers to questions that connect your people, processes, and technologies. What are employees doing that support the big picture? Does everyone understand how and why their roles contribute to overall success? How do people learn, grow, and work together to be successful?

The results lead to measurably improved collaboration, efficiency, and productivity, and the ability to harness the power of your people across all levels of your company.

can your initiative succeed if it's not adopted?
can your employees get what they need, when they need it?
does your organizational growth have purpose and direction?


Change Management

We design processes and programs for people, teams, and organizations to facilitate behavior change that improves performance and supports overall strategic goals.

Organization Design

Our assessments and strategies help define size and structure, operating model recommendations, and roles and responsibilities within a new or redesigned organization.


We design, develop, and deploy tailored lean learning principles to make the most of each employee’s growth.


We build and implement long-term recruiting, retention, and employee development strategies and connect them to company goals.


We find and solve potential cultural integration obstacles to ensure a strong and diverse workforce.


advocate health care
censeo health
Lattice semiconductor
“We positively disrupt the status quo with progressive approaches to managing change, focusing learning at the point of need, creating organizational structures that work, and developing talent to its highest potential.”
Joe Kuntner, practice area director, Slalom

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Educational Services
Financial Services
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