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We make products that prove the value of innovation

We often hear from clients that they feel “stuck” in one way or another, unable to move as quickly as is required to capitalize on emergent market opportunities and adapt to shifting customer needs.

The roots of immobility can typically be traced to a combination of factors including legacy technologies; organizational inertia or lack of focus; and the absence of a process for identifying, validating and maturing innovations.

We help established companies behave more like successful startups—to operate with a clear sense of purpose, urgency and discipline. We typically start by diagnosing the causes of immobility and partnering with our clients to identify opportunity spaces but shift as early as possible to learning and innovating by doing, establishing a platform for ongoing experimentation and market validation. Depending on the company's needs and ambitions, we either engage in shorter cycles to reach key validation milestones or over longer time frames to take the products we build all the way to market.

What’s next on your ecommerce roadmap?
How do you differentiate your customer experiences? Constantly improve them?
How can you get to market faster with your next product innovation?


Digital Strategy

We help you find your core digital purpose—why you should exist for users in the digital space. Then we translate this to a digital experience, content strategy and platform architecture.

Experience Design

We use iterative prototyping and constant feedback to gather user feedback early and help clients rethink how to delight customers through great experiences and innovative business models.


We architect and develop products using world-class technology and methods that can perform and scale for tomorrow’s needs.

Product Incubation

We imagine and experiment with exciting new technologies and experiences, and get you there with our lean and agile approach.


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"In building PointDrive, one of the first steps we took was hiring Slalom Consulting to help guide the strategy and design of our solution."
Bill Burnett, founder and CEO, PointDrive

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