Building careers and client solutions

Join the next cohort of Slalom cloud residents and embark on a two-year journey to grow your career. Slalom meets you where you’re at—whether you’re entering with a four-year computer science degree or a certificate from a coding boot camp. You and your peers gain experience working on client projects while you build your technical skills. And you have mentors who are always happy to help.

Cloud resident Brian Bowen

From kitchen to cloud

Cloud resident Brian Bowen

“I used to be a chef. I worked in the hospitality industry for 18 years. And then COVID hit, and my life changed overnight. So I enrolled in a coding boot camp and really liked it. Before the Slalom interview process, I’d probably done 30 interviews, and when I got here, it was completely different. Every person on the Slalom team was engaged and curious—they recognized what I was able to bring from my previous experience. And that was encouraging because up until that point, I was starting to shy away from even talking about it, even though I had a prior career where I was very successful.”

Brian Bowen, cloud resident

What is the Slalom Cloud Residency?

You’ll build real products for real clients while using leading-edge technologies—and develop confidence while you do it. But we don’t just throw you in the deep end. The first three months of your residency involve dedicated learning time—you’ll acquire skills in emerging cloud technologies and Agile methodologies while earning career-building certifications. You’ll be coached and mentored by renowned professionals whose sole purpose is to develop your curriculum and your career.

Slalom Cloud Residency

Expert mentors

Photo of Kesha Williams smiling

“What really excited me was that Slalom would take two years to train and invest in early career hires, to set them up for success. There aren’t a lot of companies that do that, and it’s what really, really excited me about the position. And this role allows me to combine my love of hands-on building and my love of teaching and mentoring. I enjoy seeing the light bulb go on when I’m teaching someone something and they see it in a different light—it builds their self-confidence that they’ll be able to do it.”

Kesha Williams, Senior Principal

Learn more about Kesha’s 25-year career as a technology leader

Photo of Kesha Williams smiling

What makes this program unique?

We’ve created an innovative program to build future cloud technologists—and we’re excited to do it right. Each new cohort:

  • Is inclusive of different geographies, ethnicities, genders, and work backgrounds
  • Gets paid time to learn and earn career-advancing certifications
  • Works on real-world client projects
  • Receives both one-on-one mentoring and small-group coaching
  • Has the chance to explore multiple career options and pursue their passion

Learn during work hours

Cloud resident Kellie Laflin

“The first couple of months were all learning focused—it was some really dedicated heads-down time to get acquainted with the cloud environment and to start working on certifications, which is huge. It’s not something that you would ever get at any other company. Most employees are expected to work toward things like certifications on their own time, outside of work hours. So getting dedicated time to do that at the beginning gives you a leg up. Slalom is a really great place to work and start your career.” 

Kellie Laflin, cloud resident

Cloud resident Kellie Laflin

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